How to Keep Yourself Safe in the Event of an Active Shooter?

//How to Keep Yourself Safe in the Event of an Active Shooter?
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In the year 2019, there were over 400 mass shootings in the United States. There were also over 15,000 deaths as a result of gun violence that year. When it comes to mass shootings, it is important to know what to do to keep yourself safe.

In the event of an active shooter incident, you should have a plan ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. Here are some action steps to take when you are in immediate danger during a shooting.

Try to Evacuate the Area

If possible, you should attempt to leave the area when there is an active shooter if there is an easy way out. Leaving the premises will ensure that fewer people get injured or killed by the shooter.

If you are in charge of a large group of people, try to make sure everyone files out in an orderly fashion so no one is left behind. If it is just you or a handful of people, you should try to move as fast as you can and take a covert route.

Block Access to the Doors and Entrances

Not having direct access to a building or room can deter an active shooter, or even be the difference between life and death in a high-risk situation. Temporary barricades can help immensely and buy you some time to hide or contact law enforcement.

Blocking doors may prevent a shooter from trying to enter a room at all, so you should make sure they are secure. You should keep materials like the Rhinoware door barricade within easy reach in case you need to use them on short notice.

Be Calm and Encourage Others

Staying calm is vital when you are under a lot of stress, and especially when you happen to be in a very high-risk situation. When your body is in fight or flight mode, you may be overwhelmed by adrenaline and not be able to think clearly from panicking.

When you need to calm yourself down, doing some breathing exercises can be a great way to lower your heart rate and regulate your emotions. If possible, try to remain quiet and keep yourself as calm as possible to avoid any confrontations with the shooter.

Wait for Law Enforcement to Arrive

When you get a chance, you should try to call an emergency number if it is safe to do so. Continue to wait if you cannot access a phone or you can’t make a call.

If you have barricaded yourself in a room or building, you should only open the door if the person outside has verified that he or she is a law enforcement officer. Listen to their instructions to leave the scene as quickly as possible.

Keep Yourself Safe During a Shooting

With these steps in mind, you should do your best to keep yourself safe if you have to face an active shooter. You can stay calm and direct others around you so everyone feels secure.

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