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Hello Girls! I bet that all of you have at least one denim item in your wardrobe! Of course, because no matter what, Denim is always in fashion! Also, it has been proposed as a trend in many F/W 2014-2015 Collections  and on the catwalks from brands like Gucci, Diesel and Louis Vuitton! Won’t you like to look glamorous and fashionable while replicating some simple denim outfits?

Fashion Denim Jeans

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First of all, I think that Denim is a very versatile material and even if we are accustomed to wear it on a daily basis, we can always find ways to create an interesting casual look with it!

Curiosity #1: The word “Denim” indicates the kind of woven, whereas the word “Jeans” indicates the kind of slacks that can be realized from denim or other materials.


#1 Shoes

Diesel Denim shoes

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Until a few years ago, I personally snubbed this kind of item, but I was so wrong! When I bought my first pair of denim flats (which were very similar to the ones in the picture above), I literally fell in love with them!

Why? Because they are versatile in a way that I couldn’t even imagine before! They are the perfect match for a pair of jeans or Denim shorts, and the leather gives that touch of elegance that wouldn’t be there otherwise, making the look less casual and more sophisticated. Denim sneakers are definitely better to reach an unexpected and original sporty look. All the shoes in the picture above are by Diesel.

#2 Dungarees

We easily associate this style with the 90’s, but it’s a kind of look that is often repurposed on the catwalks, and this year is not an exception! For example, in its Spring/Summer 2015 Collection, Gucci showed several denim outfit, and dungarees is one among them:


Alessandra Ambrosio (Victoria’s Secret Model) is a dungarees-lover and she likes wearing this item in many occasions, often matching it the with a pair of espadrilles:

Alessandra Ambrosio wearing dungarees

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Moreover, a short-dungarees  is perfect to be worn during the summer !

Tip: Use a short t-shirt underneath the dungarees that leaves a glimpse of skin to make the look more sexier and breezier.

Grunge Dungarees

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#3 Skinny Denim Jeans

Always elegant. Always perfect. Always sexy! The combination between skinny denim jeans and high heels suits everyone! No matter what, the final effect will be the one of a flawless stylish look.

Miranda Kerr Jeans and heels

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Of course you, brave people, can decide to play with your favourite colours  while you’re creating your outfit, giving space to your imagination, in order to dare to a more trendy look instead of a classic one!

Jeans yellow outifit ideas

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#4 Accessories

Denim has become popular at the point that all the most famous Fashion Maisons have come out with Denim accessories! Here some examples:

Curiosity #2: Levi Strauss didn’t invent Blue Jeans!They are invented by the tailor Jacon Davis: during the early 1870s Davis was asked by a customer to make a pair of strong working pants for her husband, who was a woodcutter. He used duck cloth and reinforced the weak points in the seams and pockets with the copper rivets… and that’s was the first pair of jeans 🙂


#5 Shirts

Personally, I love this style! To use Denim shirt under a large sweater is perfect for a casual, comfortable and young outfit. As always, wearing heels can make the difference if you want to look more glamorous!

Denim shirt under large sweater

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Nevertheless, we don’t have to forget what is the most “classic” way to wear a denim shirt! If you love polished looks, you can simply wear it by itself, like Miranda does in the picture below. But, hey, there are a lot of ways that allow us to make the look more interesting! For example, applying a nice little bow underneath the collar! Otherwise, if what you prefer is to achieve a casual look, denim shirt is perfect to be worn opened above a t-shirt.

Fashion Denim Shirts

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#6 Total Denim Outfit

I know, probably it sounds a bit “excessive”, but I’m sure that by seeing the next outfits, you will change your mind! As always, you can easily create a different final look, from casual to elegant, simply by choosing the right shoes and accessories (handbag, necklaces and bracelets) that better suit your mood!


In the next pic there are 2 other total Denim outfit ideas coming from Gucci’s Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 :

#7 Jacket

Another reason for loving Denim, as I already said, is that it brings us back to the 80’s and the 90’s! This is why wearing a Denim jacket is the perfect way to create a look that rocks!

…Without forgetting that if you prefer a look that better suits your romantic mood, you can easily  make the outfit more young and delicate.


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Also the hairstyle can play an important role in this sense, as can you see in the picture below.

Forever 21 Denim Oversize Jacket

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Curiosity #3: Thanks to a team of geneticists coming from Palo Alto (California) it was possible to create the first eco-friendly pair of jeans! Through a bacterium (called Escherichia coli) genetically modified, the team has developed a dyeing that can substitute synthetic pigments which have been largely used until now, but that are extremely harmful to the people and to the environment!

 #8 Swimsuit

Last way but not least, of wearing Denim is through a swimsuit or… OVER it! This look is kind of aggressive but… why not, sometimes?!

Denim swimsuit

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Well Lovelies,that’s all for today!

Hope you will find your own “Denim inspiration” from all these outfit ideas!

Do you feel the” Denim mood”, now? Let me know in the comments below all the ways you love wearing Denim this Spring!

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