7 Ways Vinyl Flooring Can Add That Luxury Touch You’re Looking For

//7 Ways Vinyl Flooring Can Add That Luxury Touch You’re Looking For
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Vinyl floors have taken on a whole new image and reputation these days.

Gone are the times when you walked into a home and instantly knew a friend or family member had cheap and tacky vinyl flooring layered throughout their kitchen and other spaces. 

Now, you can have vinyl flooring that mimics more expensive materials such as hardwood for a fraction of the price. So it’s completely understandable now how so many have decided to install luxury vinyl flooring throughout the entirety of their first floor!

Here are seven ways vinyl flooring can add that luxury touch you’re looking for.

1. Luxury Vinyl Flooring Looks Incredible

Technology and manufacturing processes have advanced means you can get vinyl flooring or luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) that looks almost indistinguishable from wood.

You can choose from various hardwoods, and once these tiles are laid in your home, you won’t believe the aesthetical brilliance they can achieve! They can even have a hand-scraped texture which really gives them a genuinely authentic timbered look.

We should also mention there are some beautiful slate and stone flooring options on the table. These are ideal for anyone that loves a truly timeless look but doesn’t want to break the bank buying real and expensive stone or slate slabs.

2. Installing Vinyl Flooring Is a Breeze

You wouldn’t believe how simple it is to install your newly bought vinyl floor.

OK, so it’s useful to have some DIY skills and experience in carpentry – plus, you’ll also need to set aside a little time for the process. But if you can’t be bothered with all the hassle, you could easily hire a professional to get your flooring installed very quickly and at a minimal cost.

Keep in mind; it’s going to cost you way more to install real wooden or stone flooring in your home. Vinyl flooring is lightweight and easy to manipulate, so it doesn’t require a highly skilled tradesperson to carry out the job, hence why it’s so cheap to have put in.

A realistic timeframe for an entire average 1st-floor house could be anywhere from an hour to 3 hours at most; if the professionals are doing their job correctly.

So in a way, it’s going to be a luxury not having to wait for other flooring options to be installed – which can be a long and frustrating process.

3. Strength and Durability

In days gone by, you might have witnessed vinyl flooring tearing over time and looking super tacky and ugly.

Luckily, times have changed, and new luxury vinyl flooring is super tough and durable. It would take a lot of vigorous and intentional effort to damage new types of vinyl floors.

And what’s more, these floors are now genuinely waterproof, typically to levels that you probably don’t need in the home. Put it this way, if you had flooding in your home, the likeliness of having to replace your floors would be very little.

So, vinyl floors are effectively just as tough, if not tougher, than your classic luxury flooring options such as wood or stone.

4. Luxury Flooring on a Budget

We have to reiterate, adding a touch of luxury to your home doesn’t have to be expensive. 

The final finish a vinyl floor gives off really does give a sense of luxury. In some cases, if you were to get the material, you’d be looking at tens of thousands of dollars!

And, if you have kids, you will be less inclined to worry about your floors getting damaged, as they aren’t so costly. Anyhow, as we just mentioned, it will be very tough to damage them, making them an ideal kid and pet-friendly flooring solution.

5. Unique Vinyl Flooring Designs

Since you can print almost anything onto vinyl, the possibilities for unique designs are endless. 

One way of adding your own luxury touch to your home is to opt for unique or specialized vinyl flooring designs that will make anyone impressed when they walk into your home.

You can go to the extremes with what you want or more subtle in your approach. The main advantage here is that vinyl is so flexible that it allows you to express something about yourself.

6. Make Each Room A Realm of Its Own

In the past, you had carpets, tacky vinyl options, real wood, or stone as your main flooring options. Choosing several types of flooring for your home just wasn’t so practical in several ways, such as the logistics of it all.

You can easily highlight individual rooms in the home with different luxury vinyl flooring designs and patterns.

In the bathroom, you could go with scallops – a timeless classic of a design. The kids could have amazing-looking holographic vinyl floors in their room, and then the “adult zones” like the kitchen, for example, could be pushed out with lovely slate-styled vinyl floors. 

7. They Come In Planks!

Yes, you heard us right! We forget to mention that you can get plank vinyl flooring – so vinyl floors can mimic the lines where real wood should meet on your floor. 

Similarly, the tone or slate versions can meet in the same place that real stone tiles would meet to create an indistinguishable look.

Learn more about luxury plank flooring and who manufactures it.

The Bottom Line

Vinyl flooring has now become well and truly immense in its strength, durability, and ability to mimic luxury materials that would cost a lot more to add as flooring in your home.

It’s also incredibly adaptable, with so many patterns and designs for you to select. 

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