A Guide to Cozy Bedroom Lighting: 6 Top Lighting Options

//A Guide to Cozy Bedroom Lighting: 6 Top Lighting Options
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One way to make enjoying your favorite book go wrong is by having a terrible, dim-lit room. Save the darkness for a good night’s sleep. 

Let’s talk about lightening things up while you’re nice and snug with cozy bedroom lighting. 

The right type of lighting not only lifts the aesthetics in a room but also helps with function. You can’t work if you can’t see. Sometimes the original design of the home doesn’t allow for much natural light. In this case, adding light makes a world of difference. 

Are you looking to add warm, soft lighting to your main bedroom? Here’s a quick but handy guide to cozy bedroom lighting options you need to consider.

1. Cozy Bedroom Lighting Starts With the Right Fixtures

Every room in your home needs lighting. That’s a given. The issue is how much lighting do you need. 

The right light fixture helps in determining the proper amount of light in a room. Start with a recessed lighting fixture. It allows you to light or downlight a room.

Install recessed lighting in the ceiling or wall. Add a dimmer to control the brightness or darken things a bit. 

2. Pendant Lights

The one-bulb light in the center of the ceiling no longer adds value to a modern-built home. Move the lighting out of the center with pendant lights. 

Pendant lights are gorgeous, glass bulbs filled with a light in the shape of a pendant. They come in pairs and hang from the ceiling by a decorative chain or rod.

Affix them in the ceiling on both sides of the bed for equal lighting. 

3. Chandeliers

They’re the butt of jokes, but chandeliers are elegant and add sensual light to a room. They come in different dramatic styles with contrasting levels of lighting. 

Choose a size that fits the room. Hang the chandelier from the ceiling in the middle of the bedroom. Doing so centers the effect of the light. 

4. Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is a step up from general lighting. It gives you an idea of what type of permanent lighting you desire in a room based on activity. 

If you’re unsure whether or not to use the room for more than rest, go ambient.

This type of lighting isn’t always a fixture. If you have large, floor-to-ceiling windows, then natural is the ambient light you need. If not, add skylights or floor lamps built to offer ambient lighting. 

Make sure to use pleated lampshades for effects.

5. Portable Reading Lights

Portable reading lights are flexible lighting options. You bring the light in the room and take it with you when you go. 

These types of lights have built-in clips on the end of them or weighted bottoms. The heads also swivel. This way, you have the option of hanging them above your head or sitting them next to you on a nightstand. 

6. Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans aren’t old school. They’re major commodities in modern-built homes. The plus is that they come with built-in lighting. 

You get ambient light and a cool breeze on those warm summer nights when you want to swing open the french doors. 

Light Things Up

Cozy bedroom lighting adds elegance to a room and raises the aesthetic appeal. Use these options to start small or go for the gusto. 

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