Trendy Plus Size Clothing: Fashion Myths Every Curvy Woman Should Know

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I don’t exactly believe in having a separate fashion rule for plus size women. Why? Regardless of the dress and body size, all fashion rules are just the same for all women. Most fashion rules for plus size women are meant to tell women to hide their body and not be comfortable with it. Also, it limits the women to which type of clothes to wear. To make the long story short, these fashion rules are meant to be broken! When it comes to fashion, comfort and freedom of expression is the key!

Here are some of the plus size fashion myths that all of you should know:

Myth #1:Stay away from fitted clothing




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Most fashion magazines will say that fitted clothing will make you look a lot bigger. THIS IS SO NOT TRUE. In fact, wearing loose clothes will just double your size. The key to hiding your flaws with fitted clothing is to look for the right shape, size and details. For women with large torso and smaller lower body, it is a must that you create an illusion of your waist. In order to achieve this illusion, one must wear a button down dress that has a princess seaming. Remember to look for a size that suits you well—not too tight nor too loose.

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Myth #2: Wearing maxi dresses is a no-no


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Again, this is bullshit. As I have said before, you can wear any style you wish to wear as long as it is of the right size and design. In fact, wearing maxi dresses can do you wonders as it will elongate your body, making you look a lot taller and slimmer. For curvy women, best maxi dress styles include V-neck halter top styles will look good for ladies with big busts. An empire waist line is another style that will make waists look a lot smaller. Also, it is best to choose fabrics that float away from the body.

Myth #3: No stripes!




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This myth has been in the circulation for far too long, someone needs to put a stop to it. Go ahead and wear stripes. All you have to do is to make sure that the stripes are not too big, just of the right size. Opt for a black and white striped shirt, black trousers, a long blazer or jacket. Then top the whole attire off with espadrilles or wedge heels to help elongate your legs. Add cherry to your look by putting on a long necklace or a colorful bangle.

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Myth #4: No skinny jeans!


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It is okay to wear skinny jeans for as long as you will take into account the right proportion. It is best to opt for a good fitting dark wash jeans and pair it with a long, casual blouse. Add some accessories to make your outfit look smashing.

Myth #5: Wear an all-black ensemble




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It is true that the color black is slimming. Black can be flattering for most of us however wearing black all the time may make people think that you are a witch or a very sad woman. Play with colors. After all, the color blocking trend exists for a reason.

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Do you agree with these plus size fashion myths?

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