5 Must-Know Eyelash Extension Tips

//5 Must-Know Eyelash Extension Tips
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Have you ever been envious of a guy who had just perfect eyelashes? Or seen a woman that just had the most perfect lashes that you wanted to emulate? But alas, your lashes struggle to even curl.

Luckily, you found out about eyelash extensions that could give you that look you envy so much.

But before you go and get butterfly wings, here are some eyelash extension tips that will help you get the best out of your lashes and soon be the envy of all the other girls.

1. Understand the Different Types

There are several different types of lashes, and knowing which ones work for you is important.

The general rule of thumb is to try and go with a natural look the first time and increase from there. There are Mink, Sable, and Fox lashes extensions as well as faux and synthetic lash types.

Then there is how they sit on your eyes, such as the cat-eye look or the showgirl look.

2. Have It Done By a Professional

Of course, for your first time, you want a professional to handle your installation of lashes. A professional will know exactly how to handle a new client.

Don’t go to a lash technician that did not get certified from somewhere reputable. That’s the first step to losing your natural lashes.

A professional must first give you a patch test to see how you will react to the kind of glue they will use on your lids. after this your appointment should take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half.

You can also consult with your technician on receiving an eyelash extension starter kit.

3. Stay Away From Water and Oil

For the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours, you should not allow water near your lashes. The adhesive needs time to secure.

However, once this is complete, you can be around water. However, you still must be careful about oils. Oils can break down the adhesive and cause the lashes to fall out.

Some lashes can cost more than $100 to install, and so that would be a serious waste of money.

4. Wash Your Lashes

This is less about washing but more about cleaning in general. Lashes are generally supposed to help keep dirt and grime out and protect your eyes. However, your lashes can become dirty.

You can rinse your extensions lightly with soft shampoo, but make sure it isn’t oil-based, or you will lose your investment.

5. How Long They Last Is Up To You

Your extensions aren’t permanent and for good reason. Natural lashes last anywhere from eight to twelve weeks. Your extensions probably won’t last that long, but their longevity is completely up to you.

Your extensions can last up to eight weeks, but they will only have that long a life if you maintain them by following this guide.

Eyelash Extension Tips

Not everyone is luxurious lashes, but with these eyelash extension tips, you can buy and maintain them so that you still have that luxurious look.

You can be the envy of other girls too, go get those lashes and strut your stuff.

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