Master That Manicure Aftercare: Finding The Best Nail Polish For Your Style

//Master That Manicure Aftercare: Finding The Best Nail Polish For Your Style
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If there’s one indulgence you should allow yourself, it’s a manicure. This is a great way to improve your well-being and make an impression with your style.

But a manicure isn’t enough. After you have an amazing manicure, you’ve got to top it off with great nail polish. Nail polish is the woman’s way of making a statement. It shows that she takes extra care of herself. It’s her way of letting the world know that she’s a force to be reckoned with.

But how do you choose the best nail polish?

Let’s have a look at the ideal style and the different nail polish types to choose from.

Skin Tone

Your nail polish should complement your skin tone. If you have a light brown or dusky complexion, you want to consider warm nail polish. These nail polishes come in colors such as bright red, dark red, pink, or light orange.

If you are fair-skinned, you want to choose a cool nail polish. Light blue, mint, and teal are great options. These are the options if you want a more understated look. You can also choose hot pink or bright red if you want to stand out. 

If you have a dark brown complexion, you can choose to be subtle with a number of different colors. These include neutral brown, blue (any shade), dark green, and gold. You can also stand out with bright orange, bright red, and any neon variety.

If you have a much darker complexion than these, you can opt for white to contrast your complexion. With dark skin, you have the chance to stand out, so you want to try neon colors and bright variations. You want to avoid neutral colors altogether.

If you want to use understated colors that work on all skin tones, you should stick to nude colors. For bright colors suited for all skin tones, stick to red and pink varieties.

Now let’s have a look at some of the different nail polish types to choose from.

What Nail Polish to Wear

While you might get tempted to wear nail polish any time you get a manicure, you want to consider the occasion first.

Let’s suppose you aren’t going anywhere you seldom go to. You’ve had your manicure, and you are heading to work. You want to make an impression but drawing too much attention isn’t appropriate. You should consider a neutral or nude color. Another option is to choose a lighter version of a color. You can also choose dull colors such as grey, peach, or white.

If you are going to a fancy dinner party, you want to stand out. This is a great occasion to choose brighter colors. You should choose colors such as hot pink, bright red, or light blue. If you are going to a more casual event with friends/family, you can choose a darker version of your favorite colors.

For spending an evening out at a nightclub or party, you can be extravagant. These are the occasions when you can choose neon colors or the brightest shades of your favorite colors.

How Much to Own

The short answer is that you can never have enough nail polish. Just as you have other accessories for various occasions, you have to treat nail polish the same way.

Make sure that you have a few that work for everyday use. You want at least two different options for a special occasion. You want a diverse range of nail polishes, from understated colors to brighter colors.

If you find a nail polish that you fall in love with, you want to make sure you have at least two vials of it. You want to make sure you can count on a backup without always having to replenish.

786 Cosmetics

This is a great supplier of Halal nail polish and has a variety of different colors that suit all skin tones.

You should use this as a primary service to stock up on as much nail polish as possible. This works great for everyday nail polish as well as a nail polish for special occasions.

Nails Inc. Plant Power Nail Polish

This is a plant-based nail polish brand that brings you non-toxic nail polishes. You can find these nail polishes in many different colors. However, they are known best for their brighter colors.

Go with this brand if you want to stock up on hot pink, bright red, or orange colors. These bottles are smaller, so they are best for infrequent wear on special occasions.

Olive & June: The Everything Box

If you want a collection of great nail polish, then choose this box from Olive & June. With this option, you choose six different colors of nail polish. You’ll also get a brush and other accessories for your nails. This includes a nail polish remover that works best with any nail polish from any brand.

Olive & June have a variety of different colors, so it’s up to you to choose. The best way to take advantage of this set is to choose colors that you will wear on a regular basis. This way, you get the largest supply at a great cost.

JINSoon Nail Lacquer

If you want to invest in a great high-end nail polish, make sure you stock up on a few by this brand. Jin Soon is one of the most famous nail artists today. She has designed nail art and done manicures on top celebrities and high net-worth individuals. In other words, you’ll be in great company if you wear any of Jin Soon’s nail products.

You can find a variety of different colors in this range. The specialties for Jin Soon nail polishes are nude colors, neutral colors, and bright colors.

Stock Up On Nail Polish

Now that you know how to pick the best nail polish after your manicure, you can start shopping around. Make sure that you stock up on nail polish, so you always have an ample supply for any occasion.

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