5 Factors to Consider When Hiring Commercial Cleaning Companies

//5 Factors to Consider When Hiring Commercial Cleaning Companies
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Americans work an average of 90,000 hours throughout their lifetime.

With such a huge chunk of our lives spent at work, maintaining a clean and healthy working environment is essential for optimal health and productivity. But even if your workers are willing to pitch in, nothing beats the high standards achieved by commercial cleaning companies. 

Is your company looking to hire a professional cleaning team? Keep reading to find out the top factors to consider to ensure you choose the best. 

1. Professional & Experienced Staff

It’s vital that the cleaners you hire have plenty of commercial cleaning experience. Like the experts at Espray.com, they’ll know the exact requirements for maintaining your particular working environment clean, safe, and comfortable. 

As professionals, they’ll also maintain high standards of personal hygiene, be punctual, and work hard to complete tasks on time. 

2. Cleaning Equipment & Supplies

Your cleaning team should also have all the necessary commercial cleaning tools at their disposal. This can range from gentle cleansers for delicate surfaces to the latest cleaning machinery for large-scale floor cleaning. Whatever your workspace needs to stay clean and germ-free, the cleaners you hire should have the equipment and supplies to make that happen. 

3. Fully Licensed & Insured 

The cleaning company you’re considering should also have an up-to-date business license and insurance for cleaning commercial properties. 

Without these in place, hiring them could mean breaking the law. Plus, issues with their services or problems that might arise while they’re working for your company may not be covered under your business insurance, leaving you liable for any damage or personal injury costs. 

4. Positive References & Reviews

One of the best ways to check if a commercial cleaning company is as good as its promises is by checking their references and reviews online. While they may have testimonials on their website, make sure to dig deeper by searching for independent reviews on other sites, forums, and social media platforms.  

You could also ask them for details of their previous and current working contracts so you can get in touch and ask for references. This way you can ask for specific information about their services and standards. 

5. Reasonable Pricing

Your business likely has a budget to pay for cleaning services, meaning that comparing cleaning fees between your top choices is also essential. 

Ask for a price breakdown from every potential cleaning company you consider. Depending on how many hours of service you need, some cleaning companies may offer discounts or package deals so it’s worth checking into this. 

But, if a company is out of your budget, rule them out. Otherwise, you might have to skimp on cleaning requirements or allotted hours to afford them. 

Recognizing the Best Commercial Cleaning Companies

Before you’re swayed by impossible promises or slick websites, remember to consult this checklist. 

The best commercial cleaning companies will be able to satisfy all these criteria and more if they’re the right fit for your business. 

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