5 Tips for Shaving Sensitive Skin

//5 Tips for Shaving Sensitive Skin
  • Shaving Sensitive Skin

Do you want silky, soft skin, but end up with inflamed, bumpy rashes instead? Sensitive skin can make shaving feel like an impossible feat.

While many products trigger allergic reactions and other skin condition flareups, you can do things to get desirable results when shaving sensitive skin.

Read on for 5 smooth tips that will leave you feeling like a vixen.

1. Choose the Right Razor

Choosing the wrong razor will chop up even the least reactive skin types. Single blades leave stubble behind while cheap straight blades knick the skin and cause razor burn.

While throw-away razors cost less per purchase, the cost will add up over time. You might as well spend the extra money on an electric razor.

Electrics shave close to the skin without causing irritation. The best lady shavers provide comfort and convenience.

2. Exfoliate First

Skin cells constantly die and new cells replace them beneath the surface. These layers of dead skin not only look unappealing. They also actually make skin irritation more likely while shaving legs. When the razor blade crosses over the flaking skin, it causes redness, inflammation, and unsightly irritations.

Do not make the problem worse by using a harsh exfoliant on your sensitive skin. Skip using products containing rough mechanical exfoliators, like ground-up nuts.

Instead, use a gentle sugar scrub. You might also choose a mild chemical exfoliant containing polyhydroxy acids.

3. Use Unscented Soap

Avoid skin irritation by using an unscented soap for shaving. Smells are made of organic molecules.

These chemicals carry little markers called antigens. People with sensitive skin carry antibodies that recognize certain antigens as foreign invaders and they attack them.

Oddly enough, your own body, not the scent molecule itself, triggers the inflammatory response and symptoms of allergic reaction. But, keeping scented stuff away from your skin will prevent your body from overreacting.

Go for a fragrance-free soap. Or, if you must smell pretty, pick an allergen-free fragrance whose oils do not contain any common allergens.

4. Shave With the Grain

Notice how body hair tends to grow in one direction on the legs, under the arms, and around the pubic area. Many people will move up under the hair, shaving against the grain.

While this method produces close results faster, pushing against the follicle also irritates sensitive skin. Instead, take your time and shave with the grain.

5. Moisturize

Keeping your skin hydrated helps keep the oils in balance so that it stays smooth. For sensitive skin, choose a gentle, fragrance-free moisturizing cream.

Apply your lotion after every shave to soothe the skin and help prevent an angry rash. Also, moisturize before bed and after the shower to keep your skin hydrated all the time.

Shaving Sensitive Skin Doesn’t Need to Hurt

You may dread shaving if you suffer from sensitive skin. But, shaving sensitive skin will not hurt if you keep a good care routine and shave properly.

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