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We all hope for that morning when after the alarm clock goes off, we jump out of bed, rush to the bathroom to brush our teeth and realize we woke up with the perfectly tousled hair. Yet, I know that doesn’t usually happen. But instead of hiding your hair under a baseball cap why not try to make the best out of it?

While polished ‘dos have their place – especially when we’re talking about high-class events, there’s something irresistible about casual-messy hairstyles. So let’s see how and what to do to achieve any of these cute messy hairstyles for long hair or, how I love to call it, the perfect i-woke-up-this-pretty hair.

Messy Hairstyles

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First, you need to know that there are some hairstyles that actually work way better on messy, uncombed and not even freshly washed hair. Of course, if that’s not the case, later in the article we’ll also tell you how to get the perfect texture for the upcoming hairstyles.

Here are my favorite 6 cute messy hairstyles for long hair

#1 High bun

Not the clean ballerina style, we are talking about the cool-but-messy top knot. Tease your strands, add a bit of dry shampoo and secure your locks at the top of your crown. What you have to keep in mind is that what makes this style fabulous are the loose layers of hair that slipped out of the bun. Also, ombré ends give this messy bun a halo effect.

Messy bun

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DIY: Here is a complete guide on how to do a stylish messy bun by yourself! Easy, right?

DIY messy bun

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#2 Loose braids

For this, you just have to make a Dutch braid (basically, you put the locks of hair one underneath the other, and not on top) for each side of the head. Then, just pull each loop quite a bit – it makes the braids look both thicker and looser – and tie them up together. Ta-da!

Loose braid

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Loose Braid

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#3 Ponytails

Probably the classic bad hair day saver is the high ponytail. But we’re not going to the gym now, so let’s glamor it up a bit. First, make sure you add a bit of volume at the roots. You can do that with a volumizer or, if you have a bit of greasy hair put on some dry shampoo. What’s there to keep in mind when you choose this hairstyle is to match the height of your pony to the line of your jaw and your cheeks. Parallel lines are the most flattering and tend to make your cheekbones stand out.

Messy Ponytail

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messy ponytail

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TIP: If you have freshly washed and very silky hair, you can always use a sea salt spray – you can find many companies commercializing those – or you can make yourself one: add ½tsb of sea salt, 1tsb of epsom salts, a bit of sweet almond/argan oil,1 cup warm water and maybe 2 drops of your favorite essential oil. I tried it and it works like magic.

#4 Tiny braids

This little add-on that you can do to most of your hairstyles is that you can transform them from bedhead to beautiful. You can use this for ponytails, buns, chignons or just left loose hair. You can see exactly what I mean in these pictures.

tiny messy braids

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#5 Fishtails

This is, by far, my favorite of the 6 cute messy hairstyles for long hair. The fishtails are not that hard to do, and look definitely better than normal braided hair. To give them a romantic feel, just loosen them up a bit. What we recommend with this cute messy hairstyle is that you leave some hair around your face to make it look even more voluminous. And if you already have your long bangs cut in a flattering way for the shape of your face, there’s no way you could go wrong with is one.

Messy Fishtail

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TIP: If your problem are greasy roots, you must be a dry shampoo advocate. It soaks excess oil from your scalp and leaves your hair looking extra healthy. Most of the time it’ll be the only thing you’ll need.

#6 Loose hair

Last, but not least, we have to talk about the so-called beach hair. For this, the perfect way is to curl your hair a bit (unless you already had it done into a braid during the night), add some sea salt spray and go out and shine. For added effect, I recommend having some strategically placed highlights in your hair, or maybe an ombré if your haircut has a lot of layers.

loose hair

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beach loose hair

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That’s what we had in mind to share with you today, but we’ll be back soon with more ideas. Until then, let us know how you handled your “bad hair day” and how many compliments you received after trying some of the cute messy hairstyles for long hair presented in this article!

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