29 12, 2018

Women on Drugs: 10 Important Facts About Female Drug Addiction

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In the US, 5.8 million women now have a substance abuse disorder. This makes women one of the fastest growing groups of drug users in the country.  While studies into substance abuse previously focused on men, researchers studying women on drugs have since learned how addiction can have a gendered dimension.  Whether women are addicted to illicit drugs, alcohol

29 12, 2018

Eat This Not That: 10 Worst Foods for Weight Loss

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Like 40% of Americans, you struggle with weight loss. You think you're eating right and exercising enough, but you can't seem to shake your excess weight.  To find out what's preventing you from reaching your weight loss goals, take a closer look at your diet. Some foods that you think are nutritious can actually sabotage your health. 

25 12, 2018

Crazy for Coconuts: Why Coconuts are a Secret Beauty Weapon

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Natural and organic skin care and makeup products are experiencing exponential growth in the beauty industry. 40% of U.S. consumers believe natural beauty products are a healthier alternative to conventional cosmetics. Argan oil, coconut oil, shea butter, rose water, honey, healing clays, and essential oils are in the spotlight, replacing harsh chemicals and synthetic perfumes. These ingredients

20 12, 2018

Supplemental Insurance for Medicare: What It Is and Why You Need It

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In 2017, 58 million people are enrolled in the Medicare program. That is about 18% of the U.S population. However, one of the most telling statistics is that more than 90% of Medicare subscribers have supplemental insurance. That means about 1 in 10 people don't have supplemental insurance. Are you one of them? Healthcare costs in the

20 12, 2018

Going Keto? Know These Keto Diet Pros and Cons Before You Start

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The typical American diet is made up of 55% carbohydrates. This increase in carbohydrates is considered part of the increase in obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic issues.  These statistics have led to the increased popularity of the ketogenic diet or keto diet. This diet that promotes fats and proteins over carbohydrates has gained attention in

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