Good Mornings and Good Nights: Dream Bedroom Ideas for Small Spaces

//Good Mornings and Good Nights: Dream Bedroom Ideas for Small Spaces
  • Bedroom Ideas for Small Spaces

About 19% of Americans say they value their bedroom above all other rooms. If your bedroom isn’t comfortable, you might struggle to get enough sleep. Without sleep, you’ll have to tackle the day exhausted and aggravated.

Failing to get enough sleep can add to your stress levels and impact your overall health.

Struggling to feel comfortable in a tiny bedroom? Here are a few dream bedroom ideas for tight spaces. With these tips, you can make the most of your living space.

Then, you can rest, relax, and get the sleep you need.

Turn your small bedroom into a dream-worthy oasis with these bedroom design and decor ideas today!

1. Get a Murphy Bed

It’s important to get seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Otherwise, you could experience:

  • Weakened immunity
  • Increased risk for diabetes
  • Memory issues
  • Mood swings
  • Trouble concentration
  • Accidents
  • High blood pressure
  • Weight gain
  • Increased risk for heart disease
  • Balance issues
  • Reduced sex drive

While it’s essential to get enough sleep, you don’t use your bed 24 hours a day. Don’t let your bed occupy major space in your bedroom when you’re not using it. Instead, consider purchasing a Murphy bed.

You can have your Murphy bed fold up, then use the base as a cool chalkboard. Just grab a bucket of chalkboard paint!

There are new, modernized Murphy beds available, too. You can purchase a foldout bed frame to hide bulky furniture away. 

Consider giving your bed a second job, too. For example, you can rest pillows across your bed during the day for lounging. If you work from home, make sure your bed is set up as a place where you can focus, too. 

Have a small coffee table at your side for added convenience.

Some experts even suggest you add a huge bed to a small room. A canopy bed is a great juxtaposition when you’re in a small space. You can use the walls, add shelving, or slide storage bins under your bed for additional space. 

2. Get Set Up for Storage

As you use these dream bedroom ideas, keep storage space in mind. Finding creative ways to add storage space in your bedroom can make it seem larger. You’re not stuck using plastic containers and storage cubes, either.

Instead, look for decorative storage pieces that you can keep within plain view.

For example, you can purchase an end-of-bed trunk or bench. These storage options will occupy little space and make your bed look larger. They’re useful, too, instead of simply decorative.

Consider adding narrow storage cabinets to your room. There are storage options online that are designed for smaller spaces. You can paint your storage pieces to match your walls.

That way, they visually recede, giving you the illusion of more space.

3. Designate Spaces

You can designate separate areas in your bedroom for separate activities. For example, you can use paint to create an accent wall. Then, designate that area for reading, putting on makeup, or work.

Adding an accent wall gives the room a burst of color while separating sleeping and living spaces.

Try using a room divider, too. A gorgeous divider can look like a work of art while helping you separate spaces.

4. Play with Proportions

Don’t feel afraid to play with different proportions in your dream bedroom. If you have a small bedroom, use a simple bedframe with an oversized rug. The rug will make the room look lavish and large.

Looking for more ideas? You can use for more ways to transform your space.

5. Float Away

Huge bookshelves can take up too much space in a small bedroom. Instead, discover your dream master bedroom by using floating shelves.

Floating shelves can streamline your storage. Try a U-shaped bookshelf for books, DVDs, and CDs.

You can even hang garment racks to give yourself more closet space.

What about a floating desk? You can create your own workspace without occupying too much space. Add a ghost chair to keep the room from looking cluttered.

6. Use Nesting Tables

Instead of a bulky nightstand, grab a pair of nesting tables. Nesting tables can help you get more room when you need it. Once you’re done, you can tuck your tables away. 

You can even add a basket or crate underneath the nesting tables for extra space.

7. Hang Around

Bring more light into your small bedroom with hanging lights. Consider a pendant light above the bed or near a reading nook. Hanging lights can brighten a room, which can make it look larger.

If hanging lights doesn’t work for you, consider a swing arm sconce on each side of the bed. Mounted lights can give you more space on your nightstand or nesting tables.

8. Play With Light and Dark

White walls can give your room the illusion of space. Let the light in and watch the room shine.

Otherwise, try painting your bedroom a charcoal gray or dark blue. Darker colors can make a room look chic without stealing space.

9. Add Accents and Accessories

Look for accents that can add color throughout a white room. Choose cooler colors, like blues and grays. Keep a color scheme in mind to help everything flow. 

Play with different, small accessories to give your dream master bedroom more personality. For example, you can use colorful art pieces, layered textiles, and throw pillows. Use bold colors for more of a pop!

10. Choose Double-Duty Decor

As you choose your bedroom decor, keep its purpose in mind. Look for pieces that can have more than one responsibility.

Remember, the storage bench at the foot of your bed is also a place to sit. If you don’t have room for a dresser, choose nightstands that have plenty of drawers.

Giving your decor double-duty will help maximize your space. You won’t have to purchase twice as many pieces for your small bedroom.

Save the Space: 10 Dream Bedroom Ideas for Small Spaces

Don’t let a tiny bedroom impact your ability to sleep. Instead, use these 10 dream bedroom ideas to maximize your space. With these tips, you won’t feel surrounded by clutter.

Instead, you can rest, relax, and catch up on those much-needed z’s.

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