Everything You Have To Know Before Becoming Redhead

//Everything You Have To Know Before Becoming Redhead

Hello, gorgeous! I know you are all well aware of the latest trends in terms of fashion, hottest Fashion Week collections from Summer Spring 2015 and which type of makeup makes the best of your features this fall. But what about hair color? Just like we know what in 2014 snake print, midi skirts and turtlenecks are a must in our wardrobe, hair color follows the same rules.

I have to admit I’ve never thought of dyeing my hair in red. I’ve had my hair colored in blonde tones since forever and it seemed it was my color. Now, after more than six months of being a redhead I’ve totally changed my mind. At first I’ve had it dyed in red copper from Matrix Professional, but I find it kind of dark for my skin tone, which is a fair one. After getting back in Italy and I couldn’t find this brand there, I’ve started using Mango color from L’oreal Préférence . This one was brighter than the first one I was truly happy with it taking into consideration the fact that is a dye anyone can find in a supermarket. It was the first time I colored my hair with a supermarket dye and I have to admit I was impressed about the quality of it! For me the third attempt was the lucky one and since I am back home I am coloring my hair at the salon with Bright Red Copper from Joico Vero K-pak, which was my favorite hair dye from the times I’ve had blonde hair.


Red Hair Dyes

What type of redhead are you?

I am sure that you’ve seen the ton of different red colors that are available at the moment in hair salons and supermarkets. You have to keep in mind that your skin tone is the first to be considered when wanting to change your hair color. At the beginning, I didn’t consider this fact and I’ve chosen a little too dark color for my bright skin. For making your coloring easier, here is what you have to know.

Fair skin tones like mine are flattered by copper tones and bright reds. I love orange tones and this is the color I used this time is called Bright Red Copper from Joico. Also, L’oreal Préférence in Mango color can give you a dreamily orange color which makes all the money!

Orange red hair

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Oranfe red hair color for fair skin tone

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Medium skin tones can experiment with golden reflexes or copper highlight. The intensity of the hair color moves to darker tones that the ones mentioned above. Some examples of the red shades flattering medium skin tones you can admire in what’s next:



What’s left for dark skin tones are clearly the darkest and the most intense red shades. From dark burgundy to purple red, you can definitely experiment if you have a dark skin tone! Check out the next photos for some inspiration:

beautiful red hair for dark skin tones

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Found on: Imgur

Now if you’ve decided about the red shade you like, you’re only a step away of becoming a gorgeous redhead. But wait, there’s more..I presented to you the benefits and the beauty of having your hair colored in red. Let’s talk a little about the disadvantages:

  • it can take time until you get to your dream shade of red! For me it took like 3 months to have an uniform color;
  • if you’ve been previously blonde you have to keep in mind that the blonde throw out any other color, so it can be a long and exhausting process to maintain a beautiful red shade;
  • your hair can get really dry. This is what happened to mine: from the silky blonde hair I had I turned to a drier hair that lost its vitality;
  • you have to get a trim more frequently exactly for the reason I mentioned above. I am not very happy with that since I am dreaming of a long hair for a while (I have it medium length since I started coloring it in red);
  • professional conditioner and natural hair masks are your best friends when you’re facing dry hair.
  • if you think you can wait more that 3-4 weeks to re-dye your hair, just forget about it. Red is a particular hair color which requires special care;
  • if I mentioned a little bit earlier that reaching an uniform red it’s a hard job, getting rid of it can also be challenging. If you’re deciding to put all the efforts in it, make sure to keep it for a while, otherwise your hair will damage even more.
the secrets of red hair

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My darlings, I hope I didn’t forget anything in what concerns my experience of becoming redhead. What I can truly say is that I do not regret all the effort and every day I fell in love more and more with being a redhead. It surely gives me more confidence in my looks and it matches my personality. It can be a hard work getting to your dream red hair color, but it is worth all the effort, believe me!

Would you dye your hair in red? If yes, which particular red shade you fancy?

Comment bellow and share your thoughts! I will be happy to answer any questions regarding hair-care and professional hair coloring!

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