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24 01, 2021

5 Natural Ways To Achieve Beautiful Nails

By | 2021-01-24T22:05:02+02:00 January 24th, 2021|Lifestyle|

Over $8 billion is spent on nail salon services annually in the USA alone. And the number of people getting artificial nails and nail extensions is increasing year on year too. But there are plenty of ways to achieve beautiful nails naturally. You don't need to spend your hard-earned $$$ in a nail salon when

22 01, 2021

4 Sweet DIY Stove and Kitchen Remodel Ideas

By | 2021-01-22T17:35:05+02:00 January 22nd, 2021|Lifestyle|

Are you looking to complete a full kitchen remodel? Or perhaps you'd like to create a DIY stove to enhance the overall appearance of your kitchen? Either way, it goes, you're going to need some ideas to help get your DIY remodeling project off the ground. Continue reading for all the kitchen ideas that you

19 01, 2021

5 Common Reasons Why People Receive Cosmetic Surgery

By | 2021-01-19T14:55:02+02:00 January 19th, 2021|Lifestyle|

In 2018, nearly 18 million people underwent minimal invasive and surgical cosmetic procedures in the US. This number points to the fact that getting plastic surgery is a rising trend, with nearly 250,000 more procedures occurring during 2018 than in the previous year. Why do people get cosmetic surgery in the first place? Let's take

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