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29 05, 2019

How to Be Country Club Chic this Summer

By | 2019-05-29T15:18:33+02:00 May 29th, 2019|Lifestyle|

What do country clubs and runways have in common? Both of them present an opportunity to dress chic, whether it's a Monday or a Sunday. The rules about dressing conservatively at a country club have loosened a bit, opening up more opportunities to show off your style. But how do you achieve the modern country club

23 05, 2019

Breaking the Chains that Bind: Messy Relationships and the Toxic Addiction Cycle

By | 2019-05-23T15:55:27+02:00 May 23rd, 2019|Lifestyle|

In the U.S., about one in three adolescents experience some sort of physical or emotional abuse. Dating isn't always easy, and sometimes it can be seriously damaging.  Wonder why some people gravitate to messy unhealthy romantic situations that lead them down a path towards self-dis-empowerment? Learn about the addiction cycle. What Is a Toxic Relationship

22 05, 2019

A Brief History of Heroin in America

By | 2019-05-22T21:16:44+02:00 May 22nd, 2019|Lifestyle|

Opiate use dates all the way back to 34000 B.C. when poppies in Mesopotamia were consumed to reduce pain. For the earliest years of human civilization, the poppy was grown for natural health remedies and made into opioids by the local shamen.  Later British traders began to import opium from India to China in order to pay

13 04, 2019

How to Create an Online Dating Profile That’ll Get You an Evening Out

By | 2019-04-13T14:43:24+02:00 April 13th, 2019|Lifestyle|

It is estimated that there are almost 8,000 dating sites around the world. It's no wonder why. Finding love online is fun, convenient, and addictive. But if you're not getting matches, online dating can be discouraging. You're looking for love, but love doesn't seem to be looking for you. How can you have a successful online

10 04, 2019

Rekindle the Excitement: How to Resurrect Your Dead Bedroom Relationship

By | 2019-04-10T20:42:50+02:00 April 10th, 2019|Lifestyle|

Did you know that there are estimated to be over 20 million Americans currently living in sexless marriages? If your relationship has gone stale between the sheets, you're not alone. If getting it on with your partner is a non-starter and you're starting to feel more like roommates than lovers, something has to change. It

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