10 Factors to Consider When Choosing Spring Outfit Jewelry

//10 Factors to Consider When Choosing Spring Outfit Jewelry
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One of the ways to feel fabulous and confident is by wearing a stunning outfit. When the weather starts to warm up, that’s the time to put on more dresses, show off your figure, and wear vibrant colors.

But the cherry on top is always the accessories. 

Do you want to know how to pair spring outfit jewelry with your outfits and look amazing? Well, check out these 10 factors to consider.

1. The Outfit Pattern

When you’re choosing spring outfit jewelry to wear, it’s important to consider the pattern of your clothing. For example, floral is a very popular print for the spring. But when it comes to putting together spring outfit accessories, your necklaces and earrings shouldn’t be big and colorful. 

Wearing the “costume jewelry” look clashes with floral print and makes the entire ensemble look over-accessorized. If you choose to wear floral, keep your jewelry simple so that it doesn’t clash with your outfit.

2. Silver or Gold

Silver and gold are the standards for necklaces and earrings. But you should choose wisely when putting together your spring ensemble.

White is a common color to wear during the spring. However, silver jewelry tends to blend in with white and doesn’t do it justice. 

On the other hand, gold pairs well with white and pastel colors. The pigments are so light that wearing silver jewelry doesn’t bring out the colors. It’s better to wear them with gold.

3. Clothing Material

Another important factor to consider when choosing spring outfit accessories is the material that you’re wearing. During the spring, flowy materials are most popular. When you’re wearing dresses and shirts that are loose-fitting, long jewelry matches well with them. 

If you’re wearing a flowy shirt, it may not look too good with a choker. A long chain necklace looks better because it lays over the material and decorates your chest when you wear a low-cut top.

4. Simplicity

Spring outfit jewelry is much like the season itself: light and carefree. When you’re putting together a spring ensemble, the accessories that you wear shouldn’t be too fancy. This is especially true since most spring outfits have a comfy/casual style.

Bracelets and necklaces with a lot of bling tend to look over the top. Spring clothing is generally worn with flat shoes or sandals that aren’t extravagant. So to pair that type of ensemble with big, blingy jewelry doesn’t look good.

5. Coordination

Another key step to putting together spring outfit jewelry is matching your necklaces and earrings. If you decide to wear a bulky necklace, go for small earrings. 

One of the worst things you can do is have on a bold necklace with big, dangling earrings. The two clash with one another and bombard your outfit. 

If you choose to wear an elaborate necklace, let it be the star of the show. When you match it with extravagant earrings, it becomes too much.

6. Break Out the Bracelets

In the fall and winter months, it’s hard to give bracelets a lot of attention because you’re wearing long sleeves the majority of the time. But once spring arrives, it’s easier to give your bracelets more of the spotlight. 

Consider wearing bangles, multiple beaded bracelets, and large chunky bracelets. This type of jewelry looks amazing with sleeveless and short sleeve shirts.

7. Make Your Earrings the Focal Point

The weather begins to warm up in the springtime, which usually means more ponytails and updo hairstyles. With your hair out of the way, it’s the perfect opportunity to let your earrings be the focal point of your spring outfit jewelry. 

You can go all out and wear long, dangling earrings, or ones that have a Bohemian style to them. Doing this is the best way to glamorize your ensemble, especially if the outfit you’re wearing is fairly simple. 

8. Bring Out the Studs

Stud earrings should be the basis of your spring outfit accessories. 

When it comes to jewelry, zigzag pattern shirts and dresses are difficult to coordinate with. But if you keep it simple, your ensemble will look great every time. 

9. Add a Pop of Color

Your spring outfit jewelry doesn’t have to be boring. You can use it as a way to boost your outfit if you know what you’re doing.

For instance, a red necklace can add vibrancy to your entire outfit. If you wear white, it spruces it up. Even if you have on the color yellow, pairing it with a red necklace can completely enhance your outfit and give it a fun, daring look.

10. Personal Style

The suggestions listed above are just a guideline. When it comes to your personal style, there isn’t a rule book that decides how you should wear your spring outfit jewelry. If you pair certain jewelry with contrasting outfits but it looks good together, then wear it! 

There’s nothing wrong with being adventurous with your wardrobe. Have a little fun.

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Take Your Spring Outfit Jewelry to the Next Level

Spring is the time of the year to get rid of the coats and hats that have been hiding your fashion. By wearing spring outfit jewelry, you can take a basic outfit and take it up a notch. Nothing feels better than putting together a gorgeous ensemble that turns heads.

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