5 Common Reasons Why People Receive Cosmetic Surgery

//5 Common Reasons Why People Receive Cosmetic Surgery
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In 2018, nearly 18 million people underwent minimal invasive and surgical cosmetic procedures in the US.

This number points to the fact that getting plastic surgery is a rising trend, with nearly 250,000 more procedures occurring during 2018 than in the previous year.

Why do people get cosmetic surgery in the first place?

Let’s take a look at five common reasons someone might seek out a cosmetic surgeon.

1. To Look Younger

One of the most common reasons that people get plastic surgery is that they are looking for ways to look younger.

Getting older can impact nearly every aspect of your life. Your hair turns gray, wrinkles appear, and your energy levels can change.

Getting cosmetic surgery offers people an alternative to looking their age. The types of plastic surgery that are commonly undergone when people are trying to look younger involved facial procedures, such as a facelift or a blepharoplasty.

Getting plastic surgery done on places other than your face can also help to restore a younger size and shape to a person’s body. Some women might choose to get plastic surgery after they have children in order to regain their pre-pregnancy figure. While someone else might choose to get a breast lift in order to elevate sagging or drooping breasts.

If you’re interested in how to look younger, another popular method is getting dermal fillers. Follow this link to learn the answer to “what are dermal fillers?”

2. Using Cosmetic Surgery Due to an Injury

Sometimes people who got cosmetic surgery are not doing so strictly for superficial reasons. There are a number of injuries that somebody might undergo that can be helped with plastic surgery.

For example, it is common for people to undergo rhinoplasty if they have gone a broken nose due to an incident such as a car accident or a sports injury. If their injury does not heal properly, their nose can be left with a large bump or crooked. When an individual undergoes rhinoplasty, it can help to eliminate the bump or straighten the nose.

3. Because of Health Issues

It is also common for people to have health issues that can be aided by plastic surgery. For example, if somebody has a crooked septum, and large nasal polyps, or other defects inside the nose, it can make it more common to have sinus issues and allergies. Rhinoplasty or nasal surgery can help to alleviate these issues.

Some people might take the opportunity when they are getting plastic surgery for a health problem to also change the appearance of their nose or other body parts.

Other individuals might get a blepharoplasty, which is an eyelid left, in order to fix drooping or heavy eyelids that make it difficult for them to see properly. This procedure can help to improve vision and also tends to make a person look younger.

Some women might choose to have breast reduction surgery if the size and weight of their breasts cause them injury or physical pain. Having large breasts can lead to shoulder and back pain, as well as make it hard to find clothing that they feel comfortable wearing.

4. To Change a Physical Feature They Don’t Like

There are plenty of people that get plastic surgery simple because there is a physical feature there is that they don’t like about their own bodies. This could be pretty much any part of the body, whether they think it is too small, too large, or too droopy.

People also commonly used plastic surgery in order to complete the final stages of a major body transformation. Someone who has lost a lot of weight might end up having a lot of excess, loose skin. These people might end up getting a tummy tuck so that they don’t have all of this extra skin.

Others might use plastic surgery in order to help them get rid of stubborn fat that has collected on the body. Liposuction is a process that can get rid of that that you no longer want.

5. To Get a Confidence Boost

Lastly, it is common for people to get plastic surgery because they want a confidence boost. If there is a part of your body or face that you have been unhappy with for a long time, it can be a real self-esteem lifter to no longer have the same issue.

Average Cost of Plastic Surgery

The cost of plastic surgery can vary greatly depending on where you are and what type of surgery are getting. It can also depend on the plastic surgeon that you are seeing.

Some types of plastic surgery are far less expensive than others. For example, lip implants costs an average of $2500, and procedures such as eyelid surgery and otoplasty will cost you somewhere around $4000.

On the other end of the spectrum, getting a full body lift costs over $15,000 on average. Similarly, to get a facelift typically costs somewhere around $12,000.

In general, though, most procedures seem to costs between $4000 and $9000. While cosmetic surgery is not exactly cheap, it is not so expensive that it is inaccessible to all but the megarich.

Cosmetic Surgery: There Are a Lot of Reasons It’s a Growing Trend

Getting cosmetic surgery does not necessarily mean that you are vain or superficial. There are a lot of valid reasons that someone might choose to undergo plastic surgery.

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