The Importance of Dryer Safety: 5 Tips for Preventing a Disaster

//The Importance of Dryer Safety: 5 Tips for Preventing a Disaster
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Did you know that a dryer can pose a fire risk? Indeed, if the dryer vent has a clog of lint, there will be a high risk of the lint catching on fire. 

In 2010-2004, there was an average of 15,970 calls to put out fires in homes involving clothes dryers each year. In this period, there was an annual average of 13 deaths and about 440 injuries. Fire departments were busy trying to put out fires involving clothes dryers. 

The good news is that you can prevent a dryer fire in your home with these 5 dryer safety tips. 

1. Have a Professional Install Your Dryer

If you’re planning to buy a new dryer don’t install it yourself. While you may be a DIY-type of person, do consider hiring a professional to install your new dryer.

Keep in mind that a dryer can use either electricity or gas depending on the type of dryer it is. Unless you’re an electrician, you run the risk of committing a mistake if you were to install the dryer. 

A vent pipe or a fan that’s not installed right can pose a major fire risk. A professional will give you peace of mind. 

2. Clear the Area Around the Dryer

Make sure that there aren’t any flammable items in the room where your dryer is. Dryer fires often occur because there are items around the dryer that can catch on fire. 

If your dryer were to catch on fire, any flammable items that catch on fire could turn the fire into a major blaze. Take out any flammable items in the laundry room. 

3. Don’t Overload the Dryer

Common dryer issues can arise from overloading the dryer. Don’t give in to the temptation of putting in a lot of clothes in the dryer. While it may seem like a good idea, it’s not because it can cause the dryer to break down. 

This can cause a serious malfunction with the temperature. If the temperature rises, the risk of a fire starting goes up. To decrease the risk of fire, put small batches of clothes in the dryer. 

4. Avoid Placing the Dryer Against the Wall

If your dryer is against the wall, move it to a new location. A dryer that is against the wall has less airflow. This makes it harder for the machine to ventilate. 

A lack of ventilation can lead to overheating. To prevent the dryer from overheating, leave a gap between it and the wall. Make sure that there are at least five inches of space so that there is enough airflow. 

5. Clean the Exhaust Vent

The build-up of lint in the filter can cause a big problem for the exhaust vent. This can affect the airflow. This can lead to a lack of ventilation. 

Make sure to clean your dryer exhaust vent to prevent this issue. Do this often by clearing out the lint 

Best Dryer Safety Tips

Make sure to follow these dryer safety tips to prevent a home fire. Take the time to maintain your dryer. Hire a dryer cleaner if you need to.

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