Cool it: What’s the Ideal Temperature for the Home?

//Cool it: What’s the Ideal Temperature for the Home?
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You’ve been watching your energy bill skyrocket every time fall and winter come around, and to be honest, it hurts a bit.

You want your family to be comfortable, but you also don’t want to go broke keeping the house more toasty than it needs to be. How do you keep the house warm and also improve its energy efficiency?

There’s an ideal temperature for every room in your home. Keeping each room, including the bedrooms, between a certain range of temperatures can help you save on your energy bill and keep everyone adequately cozy.

Trying to settle the argument about what temperature to leave the thermostat at can cause a lot of chaos, but all the answers you need are right here.

What Impacts the Felt Temperature?

There are a few factors that affect how each individual in your home experiences the temperature.

What kind of and how much clothing you’re wearing can determine how cold or warm you are. For example, wearing a sweater and sweatpants is going to feel different than shorts and a tank-top.

Your level of activity will also affect how warm you feel. If you’re doing a home workout, you may be able to comfortably shed layers, whereas if you’re reading on the couch, you’ll want to be more bundled up.

Best Temperature for Every Room

You may think there’s an ideal home temperature, but each room is different. Some rooms need to be heated more than others.

In fact, the ideal temperature is going to be different for each room because the activity level changes.

Living Room

Your family spends a lot of time in the living room, and most of it is likely sedentary. So, this room can be kept at a slightly warmer temperature. The best range is usually between 66 and 71 degrees.

The Bedrooms

For adults, the ideal sleeping temperature for the bedroom is in the mid-60s. You don’t want it to be any higher than 68 degrees, and that’s only if you’re a naturally cold sleeper.

For those who are often hot when they sleep, keeping the thermostat around 60 degrees may be more comfortable.

However, the ideal room temperature for a baby or younger child is a little warmer. Keep their room in the upper 60s to make sure they are nice and cozy while they sleep.

To better manage the individual temperatures for these rooms, Titan Products can offer some quality networkable solutions for your home.


Getting out of the shower or bath and stepping into a cold bathroom is one of the worst sensations. Keep your bathroom toasty by keeping the temperature around 71.

Plus, the elevated humidity in the room can maintain the heat for longer, so it won’t hike up your heating bill that much.

Ideal Temperature Solutions

By determining the ideal temperature for every room in your home, you and your family can stay comfortable and happy. Plus, you can feel at ease knowing you’re making the most energy-efficient decisions.

For more great solutions to your most-asked questions, check out our page to read more tips for your home and family.

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