How to Choose the Best Siding Material for Your House

//How to Choose the Best Siding Material for Your House
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Not happy with how your home’s facade has looked lately? If so, one way to give it new life is to upgrade your exterior finish.

First things first, though: consider your doors and windows. If your current siding has deteriorated, the casing treatment used for doors and windows is likely in the same boat. For best results, your exterior siding should match the new trim treatment.

What’s the best siding material for your needs? To answer that, let’s go over the four main siding options and their pros and cons.


Vinyl siding remains the most popular option on the market, and it’s easy to see why. This material is inexpensive, long-lasting, and simple to install. Vinyl used to get slack for looking like “plastic,” but some textures can make it seem more pleasing.

If you opt for vinyl, you’ll also have plenty of decorative vinyl siding options to choose from. The color is part of the material, which means that scratches and dings won’t show. Maintenance is easy enough as well: all you’ll need is a hose and brush.

Pine and Cedar

Wood offers various types of siding materials, but the two best options are pine and cedar. Of the two, pine is more affordable, but cedar is better at resisting rot and insects. Cedar is also less likely to crack, warp, contract, and expand.

If you go with wood siding, applying a protective finish will make it look better and last longer. Paint and solid color stain provide solid protection from UV damage and weather. If you want the natural look, ask for a clear finish formulated for wood siding.

Stone Veneer

Adding a stone veneer to your home’s exterior is likely easier than you think. You can install it on almost any surface, and it’s far lighter than natural stone. Stone veneer comes in a wide range of designs and requires very little maintenance.

The main issue with stone veneers is that some styles look less authentic than others. This material is most often made from cement, sand, pigment, and aggregate. The mixture is then baked in molds that simulate the look of natural stone.

Fiber Cement

Of the materials on this list, fiber cement is the most expensive and hardest to install. That said, many homeowners will tell you it’s worth the effort. Fiber cement is solid, takes paint well, comes in many styles, and can mimic any material.

That said, the thing that makes fiber cement special is its durability. It’s non-combustible and great at resisting rot, pests, moisture, and weather. In fact, this material is so resistant that it often comes with a 15-year warranty against fading.

Choosing the Best Siding Material

Are you still struggling to pick the best siding material for your home? If so, try singling out the factor you value the most and make your decision based on that. The four main factors to consider are aesthetics, durability, efficiency, and maintenance.

Want to know more about the various home siding materials? Interested in other ways you can increase your home value? Keep reading our Home section!

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