4 Reasons Why DIY Garage Door Repair Is a Terrible Idea

//4 Reasons Why DIY Garage Door Repair Is a Terrible Idea
  • DIY Garage Door Repair

When something breaks in your home it’s natural to grab the toolbox and attempt a quick fix. Sometimes you can MacGyver the situation, surprising yourself with ingenuity, and sometimes it doesn’t quite work out. 

There are some areas of your home that you should never attempt a DIY job and one of these is a garage door repair. It’s dangerous, difficult and you’ll probably end up shelling out more money than you’d hoped. 

Check out these four reasons why you should be searching for ‘garage door repair near me’ rather than getting out your toolbox. 

1. You’ll Probably Make it Worse 

Especially in the case of emergency garage door repair, when you need to get it fixed fast, you risk making the problem a whole lot worse.

First, you’ll need to figure out what is actually wrong with the garage door, and even this investigative process of fiddling with parts could create new issues or worsen the current issue. 

You may end up turning a simple and affordable repair into something more complicated and expensive because you don’t really know what you’re doing. You may end up ‘repairing’ the wrong part or completely breaking something in the process. 

Quality garage door repairs require expert skills, so don’t beat yourself up for not having the proper knowledge. Rather, get in touch with this garage door repair company and save yourself the stress of a DIY job. 

2. Garage Door Spring Repair is Dangerous

In fact, torsion springs can be lethal. If your garage uses a torsion system, which is very common, repairing them without specialized knowledge may result in severe injuries and even death. 

The torsion springs are wound extremely tight and mounted horizontally above the opening of the garage door. If the spring breaks while you’re repairing the garage it will shoot tons of broken pieces and a lethal speed around the garage.

If one of these pieces hits you, or anyone else in the garage, it can cause a serious injury. It can also break things that are in the garage. Suddenly your garage door repair cost will include a broken windscreen or window. 

In addition, if the springs themselves need to be replaced or repaired, it’s very common for homeowners who are doing a DIY job to purchase the wrong springs. 

3. You Probably Don’t Have the Right Tools or Parts

If you don’t have the exact right tools required, you’ll do more damage to the garage by trying to repair it with incorrect tools — and you’ll damage your tools too. 

It’s also not very easy to source good-quality garage parts. You’re likely to end up buying the wrong parts and it’s pretty common for DIYers to rig up the wrong parts too. 

4. There’s a Risk of Injury 

Besides the risk of an exploding torsion spring, fixing a garage door is dangerous if you’re not skilled and experienced with these kinds of repairs. The risk of your garage door falling on you is high (and they weigh at least 80 pounds). 

Garage door technicians are trained to work with heavy doors and they know how to avoid accidents — most homeowners don’t. 

Call the Garage Door Repair Professionals

There’s no need to risk your safety, your finances, and your sanity in attempting a garage door repair yourself. It’s a difficult job that requires expertise and experience and is dangerous and costly without. 

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