Keeping the Mold Away: How to Clean Breast Pump Tubing

//Keeping the Mold Away: How to Clean Breast Pump Tubing
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While breastfeeding is a recommended practice by both the World Health Organization and the CDC, not all mothers find it easy. In fact, only 25.6 percent of mothers breastfeed through to six months, while most new mothers would probably tell you that breastfeeding is a challenge from day one. 

However you choose to feed your child, fed is best is the key lesson to remember as a new parent. If you do go on to breastfeed, you may find yourself turning to breast pumping in certain situations — this is completely normal and even recommended.

But if you plan on using a breast pump, you need to know how to clean breast pump tubing — learn more in this blog. 

The Importance of Clean Breast Pump Tubing

Your breast pump tubing plays a vital role in the entire mechanism of a breast pump. It guides the milk expressed from your breast into your milk bottles, which you then use to feed your baby. 

Breast pump tubing that isn’t cleaned correctly can pose a major health risk. The tubing could grow mold and other forms of bacteria that make your child very ill. So cleanliness should be high on your priority list if you choose to pump. 

To add to this, a build-up of leftover milk that dries inside your pump tubing could also cause blockages. This can only exacerbate how tough the breast pumping journey can be at times. If you’re looking for great quality pumping devices, check out The BabyBuddha for more. 

How to Clean Breast Pumping Tubing: A Simple Guide  

So, how often do you need to clean breast pump tubing? Ideally, it should be after every single use if you pump on a daily basis. However, if you only pump a few times a week, you only need to clean once or twice, but do it well! 

In order to clean your pump, your first step is to ensure it’s completely turned off and unplugged from the power source. Then, disconnect the actual breast pump from the tubing — do this gently so as to not damage the tubing. 

Your third step is to detach the tubing from the breast shield. All the parts should now be separated and you’ll be left with only the tubing. During step four, you want to hold the tubing upright underneath running cold water from the faucet and rinse it out. 

Then, squeeze a small amount of dish soap into the tubing and let warm (not scalding hot!) water rinse through the tubing well. Once you’ve cleaned each tube, make sure to hang them up to dry.

It’s important to hang the tubes over something so that gravity pulls out any lingering water that could lead to the development of mold. If you notice your breast pump tubes developing signs of mold, discard them immediately and get new ones. 

It’s crucial that you clean all parts of your breast pump whenever you pump. Even if you only use your breast pump on the odd occasion, make sure to clean it out when you’re done and it will become a habit before you even know it. 

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