5 Signs He’s Ready for Marriage

//5 Signs He’s Ready for Marriage
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The relationship between spouses is one of the most important bonds you’ll have in life. Not only are you joined in front of God, family, and friends, but you gain a partner in life. If you’re wondering if your boyfriend is ready for the next step you’ve come to the right place.

From priorities to families and joint bank accounts, we’ll go over some healthy signs your partner is ready for marriage. Even if you don’t walk down the aisle tomorrow, these shifts in your relationship point to a more serious and meaningful connection.

1. His Priorities Change

When we’re young, priorities are often quite different than when we’re older. A successful marriage is one where you put each other first.

Once you came into the picture, you might have noticed his priorities changed. You may see you’re invited to almost everything or you know more about his life. This open communication and connection are a positive sign that you’re his main priority.

2. Family First

Family is a great resource for comfort and friendship. Someone who is ready for marriage wants their family included in their lives and decisions. 

You may even see your family becoming important to him. When you’re ready for marriage, you realize your family will become one. You two will soon be a family.

When your partner is ready for marriage, you may see relationships form with your siblings or a stronger connection to your parents. This is all a great sign that you’re ready to blend families and begin a new life as a family together.

3. He Talks About the Future

In any relationship, it’s important to talk about the future. While a causal relationship might not include these conversations, married people need to think about the future together.

You’ll start to notice talk of moving in together or where you’ll live after you’re married. You may talk about kids and a future family.

4. You Have Discussed Marriage, Not Just the Wedding

The wedding is an important day in anyone’s marriage. Marriage is so much longer than the wedding, however. When you’re ready for marriage, you’ll talk about your life together, not just the wedding.

It’s important to have some discussions about how your marriage will look. Talk about what is important to you and keep the line of communication open. Part of being marriage-ready is being able to talk through problems and fears.

5. You Make Financial Decisions Together

Money is a common topic in marriage. When your partner is ready for marriage, you may notice a shift in how he talks about marriage. Instead of making all his financial decisions on his own, he consults you.

When you’re ready to get married, your financial decisions are made together. You may even open a joint bank account to begin paying for wedding expenses or make large purchases together. This is a sign that you are both ready to commit to a life together.

Is He Ready for Marriage?

When your partner is ready for marriage there are a few easy signs to watch for. You’ll notice a shift in how he prioritizes you, how he views family, and how you talk about the future.

While not everyone is marriage material, when you find the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, the signs will point you in the right direction. For more marriage advice and newlywed tips, head to the lifestyle section.

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