How You Can Use Solar Power for Camping

//How You Can Use Solar Power for Camping
  • Solar Power for Camping

The United States is a hiking, RV, and caravan enthusiast’s dream! It offers miles of unspoiled landscape and some of the world’s most colorful flora and fauna.

Using solar panels and a battery to power your campsite is one of the best and most effective ways to get power. But, if you are new to camping and are beginning to explore solar power, selecting the best solar device can be frustrating and even daunting.

The days of camping without power are over. And, no, you don’t need to lug around a huge generator. Here’s how to use solar power for camping.

What Is Solar Power?

Solar Power is when light enters a solar panel, it reacts with the crystals of silicon in each panel to create an electric current. That electric current can then be fed into a battery bank which in turn runs your electric devices like a fridge or lights while camping.

It is a simple, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly alternative power source. It also helps you to get portable solar power while camping or traveling off the grid.

Solar for camping is becoming incredibly popular. With the introduction of new versatile folding solar panels and portable solar options, users can now get 12 Volt power for camping in any place!

What Do I Need to Have Solar Power For Camping?

Solar energy has advanced to the point that there are hundreds of brands available in a variety of choices, sizes, and prices. While it may seem that retreating to the great outdoors is as easy as tossing a tent in the trunk or hooking up your caravan, it is still necessary to remember your energy needs.

The trick to a simple solar setup for camping is to use energy-efficient solar panels as well as a high-quality deep cycle battery and battery case. The solar panels are then simply placed in the sun and connected to your deep cycle battery setup. 

You have the option of installing fixed solar panels on the roof of your caravan or motorhome. For camping, many people choose foldable portable solar panels. You will be able to power 240v equipment such as notebooks and televisions by attaching your panels to a compatible battery by using an inverter! 

Finally, it is advisable to fit a solar regulator or controller, which helps to protect your battery from overcharging.

Having this simple portable solar generator system means that if you’re camping, you can leave it at your campground to power up throughout the day when you’re out exploring.

Power It Up

Whatever camping rig you use, portable solar panels or pre-assembled off-the-shelf solar units will solve all of your electrical powering issues. It will provide you with the perfect solar power for camping!

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