Fell in Love During Your Summer Abroad? 6 Ways to Keep the Love Alive!

//Fell in Love During Your Summer Abroad? 6 Ways to Keep the Love Alive!
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Meeting the love of your life on a summer abroad is daring and romantic. Yet, when you get on the plane to go back home, you’re filled with so many questions.

The main question looming in your mind is always, “How are we going to keep our love alive when we’re miles apart?”

For many couples, long-distance is tough and is something that you need to work on every day. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate guide on how you can keep your love alive even after your summer abroad.

Be sure to keep reading for our guide to six ways to stay connected with your long-distance partner.

1. Virtual Movie Night

Even long-distance relationships need to have a virtual date night. You should make a habit of having a virtual movie night every so often. Doing this will ensure that you’re spending time with each other and even doing the same activity when you’re miles apart.

The best way to have a virtual movie night is to pick out the same movie to watch and then click play at the same time!

You should also make sure that you’re both on facetime and that you angle the camera towards your faces. Doing this will make it so that you can still chat with each other during the movie if any intriguing parts come up.

Be sure that you have lots of delicious snacks and treats to eat during the movie as if you were at the cinema.

You can even try some free online services that make it easier to watch a movie together online.

2. Send Flowers

One of the best ways to show off your relationship goals is to make sure that your significant other knows that you’re thinking of them. Sending flowers is a cute reminder that your partner is thinking of you. Plus, flowers are one of the best symbols of romance!

Did you know that you can send flowers internationally?

You can choose beautiful flowers and get them delivered anywhere in the world. That’s the perks of having a long-distance relationship.

Flowers make the perfect gift for valentine’s day, birthdays, or even when you’re thinking about your partner. You will immediately put a smile on their face and help to keep the romance alive even when you can’t be with them.

3. Make Them a Playlist

Something that screams romantic relationships is a specially made playlist.

Take some time to sit down and think about songs that remind you of your partner. You could also start a playlist one day and randomly add songs that you hear throughout your week that remind you of them.

Once you’ve finished the playlist, then you’ll send it to them and let them know that it is all songs that remind you of them.

Music is special and has lots of emotions in it. That’s why this is such a romantic thing to do.

You’ll find that there are plenty of long-distance relationship songs as well.

When you tell someone to listen to a song because it reminds you of them, then they’re going to think about that for a while.

4. Send a Care Package

A great way to stay connected with your partner who lives internationally is by sending them a care package every so often.

What can you include in a care package? Well, if they live in a different country from you, then include goodies from your country! They will be excited to get something that you like and enjoy every day.

You can also send them some of their favorite things in the mail. After all, it is a care package, so make sure to send things that you know they will enjoy.

5. Eat Dinner Together

We’ve talked about a virtual movie date night, but why not try to eat dinner together? Even if you live in a different timezone, figuring out a time to eat together can be crucial.

A dinner date is a perfect time to sit down and talk with one another. You can chat about your day, funny things that happened, goals in your life, or unwind over your meal together.

You can even make an entire evening out of it and work on preparing your food together. Be sure that you can use your phone or laptop to facetime and set it up in your kitchen.

If you want to have some added fun, then try making the same recipe.

If you’re making it for the first time, then it might not turn out as planned. That is the fun part!

You can laugh and joke and cook together even when you are miles apart. You might find that a virtual dinner date is your favorite way to spend time together when you’re long-distance.

6. Surprise Them

The last way to keep the romance alive for international relationships is to surprise them with a visit. It is going to take a lot of strategic planning and even a few white lies to pull the surprise off, but it will be worth it in the end.

Try to tell as few people as possible about your plans to surprise your partner. You don’t want anyone to spill the beans!

Going to surprise your partner will fill them with so much happiness. It will be something that they cherish and remember. If you can successfully pull off the surprise, then it will be a large romantic gesture.

Even if the surprise somehow gets ruined before you make it to see them, going to see them is still romantic enough. They’re going to love getting to see you again after their summer abroad with you.

Stay Connected After Your Summer Abroad

Falling in love with your partner during a summer abroad is romantic and spontaneous. Yet, staying together and working through the long-distance is the most vital thing that you can do.

Make sure that you use our guide so that you can both stay connected even though you’re miles apart.

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