What Is Marriage Counseling? Exploring What It’s Like and Its Benefits

//What Is Marriage Counseling? Exploring What It’s Like and Its Benefits
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Any couple who chooses to get married wants it to be successful, of course. The best way to ensure a happy, successful marriage is to invest. Invest in your relationship, your individual needs, and your overall communication.

One way of doing so is by participating in marriage counseling. It’s not what you think. Yes, couples seek counseling for problems. Marriage counseling is also great for building a foundation before problems arise.

So what is marriage counseling? We’ve created this resource to help you explore the benefits and what to expect when attending marriage counseling. 

What Is Marriage Counseling?

Marriage counseling is a form of psychotherapy that is divided between individual therapy and therapy for the couple as a whole. 

This form of therapy focuses on how the actions and struggles of individuals affect the relationship. By focusing both on the individuals alone then also as a couple, every angle of the relationship is addressed.

The next step from couple or marriage counseling is family therapy. This is a similar therapy involving a more complex group, usually made up of siblings, parents, or children.

What to Expect

Generally speaking, couples therapy is a short-term therapy plan that is around a dozen sessions in length. The exception is if there are more severe, complex issues needing resolution. Each session builds on the last and is focused on finding solutions.

When you first meet with the therapist, expect one-on-one time so that the therapist gets to know the individuals who make up your unique marriage. This allows them to understand what brought you to counseling and your uninterrupted thoughts.

After meeting with you individually, the counselor may or may not speak with you together as a couple. If time doesn’t allow, expect this at your second session.

From this point, the therapist will have a better understanding of you alone and together. Then, they can get to know the dynamic of your relationship, making it easier to determine possible resolutions.

The Benefits

The benefits of marriage counseling are endless. Even if you are not seeking counsel for existing problems, the benefits are equally irreplaceable and priceless.

Strengthening the emotional bond between the couple is one of the most sought after and rewarding benefits of marriage therapy. Other important benefits are renewed or newly-discovered respect, communication, honesty, and openness.

Benefits in cases where the couple is seeking counsel for destructive or dysfunctional behaviors include things like conflict resolution and improvement in equality between the couple. 

For more details, read on here about the extensive benefits of marriage counseling and how to find a therapist who is right for you.

On the Road to Marital Bliss

What is marriage counseling?

Whether you’ve uncovered that you and your partner would benefit from marriage counseling or you’ve simply gained the knowledge for the future, you can now answer this question for yourself and others.

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