7 Simple Tips for Sending Someone Flowers

//7 Simple Tips for Sending Someone Flowers
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Before the Corona Virus outbreak, the global market for cut flowers was worth close to $8.5 billion. This mind-boggling figure goes to show the general love affair with flowers globally. If you plan to gift a loved one soon with flowers, you aren’t alone. 

Millions of Americans make this profound show of affection or gratitude every year. However, the devil in the details is how you go about sending someone flowers. But wait; is there a specific way of how you should go about sending flowers? 

The interesting fact is that you need to know how to send flowers before making that bold decision to gift someone. If this sounds fascinating, you need to pay attention to these previously unknown nuggets on sending someone flowers. 

Read on to learn seven simple tips for sending someone flowers. 

1. Take Allergies Into Consideration 

Did you know that close to 50 million Americans experience various types of allergies every year? Your recipient could be among this considerable number of Americans who suffer high intolerance to different allergy triggers. 

As such, before sending flowers to your loved ones, consider their susceptibility to allergies. Flowers such as lilies, jasmine, dusty miller, and sunflowers all tend to trigger allergies. This is often due to the high pollen counts in these flowers. A good gesture from you to your loved one could quickly turn tragic if you fail to consider such dynamics. 

So when sending someone flowers, what are the best options for recipients who could be allergic? Roses, carnations, irises, and begonias are the best options. 

These types of flowers tend to be less pollen-heavy. The aspect makes them a better choice when sending someone flowers. 

2. Consider Long-Lasting Varieties 

Some flowers don’t last long enough to remind your special someone that you care. Before sending flowers, always consider the issue of longevity. While all types of flowers wither with time, some last long enough to remind the recipient of your kind intentions. 

You want to settle for a type of flower that will remain fresh and beautiful for a while. This is part of the reason most people prefer roses. Above their striking symbolism, roses tend to last longer than most other types of flowers. 

The other equally lasting options are the sunflowers. Before sending flowers to your loved ones, ensure that you know how long these flowers will last. 

3. Pay Attention To the Colors

Colors matter when sending flowers. Most people don’t realize that specific colors have symbolic meaning. Before making a choice on what flower colors you want to send, take time to understand what each color means. 

The best place to start would be to think about the recipient and their preferences. What kind of colors are conspicuous in their wardrobe or living room? Sometimes, choosing the best flowers depends on your understanding of your recipient’s color preferences. 

If you get the color right, you won’t need to worry about what your recipients have to say about your gift. Sometimes, the wrong choice of color could be the difference between a happy and sad ending. 

4. Choosing the Right Florist Is Key

You can only know as much about floors. It takes a seasoned florist to ensure that your delivery arrives at the intended address in one piece. When sending someone flowers, care to know if the potential florist delivers such gifs to every part of the country.  

 A reliable florist will ensure that you achieve same-day options when delivering your gift. This is important because it ensures that the flowers reach the intended recipient while still fresh and beautiful. A critical question to ask the florist beforehand is whether they deliver the flowers in your choice of destination. 

FTD florists are among the few options you might have that offer delivery services throughout the 50 American States. This is an essential consideration before choosing a specific florist. It’s also necessary to settle for a florist who can assure you of same-day delivery. 

5. Understand the Varieties at Hand  

Most times, when sending someone flowers, we assume that you only make an order, and the florist will handle the rest. However, it takes more than just buying and sending. You need to know the different types of flowers and the arrangements that will likely have an awe factor. 

Sending flowers to your wife or fiancé takes a different form and arrangement from when sending a random “just because” bouquet of flowers. Unless you understand what flowers fit the occasion or recipient, you might get it all wrong. 

Before sending flowers, think about the various varieties and the options you have vis-à-vis your recipient. This will make the process of making a choice easy and to the point. 

6. Get the Timing Right

 It’s not always slightly to deliver flowers on a busy workday. You also don’t want to catch your intended recipient in the wrong state of mind. Think about receiving new and well-scented flowers first thing when you wake up. 

Such a random act can turn your day around for the better. This is the kind of reasoning to embrace when sending someone flowers. Delivering the love gift after a long workday or early morning before starting a busy day makes all the difference. 

7. Include a Special Note 

Words are powerful. While you want to make an impression with a fresh bouquet, it would help to have a note to boot. Make a random write down from your heart when sending flowers. 

A special note goes a long way in affirming your intentions when sending flowers. The best way to send flowers is to add a special message addressing the recipient. 

Sending Someone Flowers Takes Proper Planning 

Flowers say more than you could ever imagine. Most people assume that it only takes buying and sending such flowers to the intended recipient. However, you need to plan. 

When sending someone flowers, ensure that you do your homework on the various colors and types of flowers that will appeal to the recipient. Above all else, settle for a florist who can deliver. 

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