5 Popular Types of Belts Every Woman Should Know How to Wear

//5 Popular Types of Belts Every Woman Should Know How to Wear
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Did you know that the average woman spends around $125,000 on clothes and accessories throughout her lifetime?

Although you may feel like you never have anything nice to wear, your closet is probably packed with all kinds of things you can revitalize. The trick is to learn how to mix and match so each item feels brand new each time.

One of the trickest accessories to work with is belts. Keep reading to learn about 5 different types of belts you should own and how you should style them.

1. Classic Buckle Belt

If you’re new to figuring out how to wear belts, you can’t go wrong with buying a classic buckle belt. Buckle belts pair well with any pair of jeans and sometimes they can even complement a dress. Most buckle belts are made out of leather and metal and they come in plain colors like black, brown, and white, but you can hunt down a funky buckle belt as a statement accessory.

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2. Skinny Belt

Out of all of the different types of fashion belts, nothing is more dainty than a skinny belt. As the name might imply, skinny belts are thin straps that work to add a small pop of texture and color rather than serve a purpose like holding your pants up.

3. Cinch Belt

When most people think about the types of belts on the market, they focus on ones that hang around the hips. The truth is every woman can benefit from owning a cinch belt that hugs her waist to emphasize her hourglass figure. Cinch belts can work with any shirt or dress that doesn’t flatter your figure by squeezing the fabric closer to the waist and flaring out at the hips.

4. Bow Belt

Who says all types of designer belts have to buckle in the front around the hips? If you love to embrace your femininity, you’ll fall in love with bow belts. Bow belts come in all kinds of sizes and they typically wrap around your back. If you want to add a little intrigue to the back of your outfit, a bow belt is sure to make heads turn as you walk past.

5. Braided Belt

Braid belts are one of the coolest types of leather belts because they’re eye-catching without being too bold. Since braided belts don’t come with any holes, you can clip your belt anywhere for a versatile look. Braided belts can sit on your hips and waist or you can even accessorize more unique areas like your forehead for a boho style.

Now You’re Ready to Rock All the Different Types of Belts

Now that you’ve learned about 5 different types of belts and how you should wear them, you’ll be able to look your best every single day. Planning your outfits can take extra time, but your confidence boost will always be worth it.

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