7 Buying Tips for Choosing the Perfect Family RV

//7 Buying Tips for Choosing the Perfect Family RV
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Tell the kids to pack their suitcases, make sure your hubby grabs his favorite book, and don’t let anyone forget their toothbrushes. It’s time to hit the open road in your RV – a dream of yours since before you started your lovely family.

But first thing’s first, you need to buy an RV. That dream of yours can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don’t choose the one just right for you, your partner, and your kids. There’s a lot more to consider in a recreational vehicle than just its price tag. 

Before you step foot onto a lot (and eventually get swarmed by toupee-wearing, leisure-suit-owning sycophants), you’ll need a little guiding wisdom. So, put your dream into park, and read these 7 tips for choosing the perfect family RV. 

1. Get the Right Size

Size, in our opinion, is the most important requirement in picking your perfect camper. There are so many reasons to use size as a metric before a purchase, it could almost fill up a manual. 

For starters, you need to be comfortable driving this RV. Whether it’s a trailer or an independent vehicle, you have to have the utmost confidence in your ability to navigate with it.

Driving something two to three times longer than your SUV is a scary thing to do. There are a lot of nuances that come with operating such a large piece of machinery: 

  • New blindspots
  • Awkward turning radius
  • Reversing difficulties
  • The tendency to topple over

And most of these vehicles are going to be driven many miles through terrain you’re unlikely to be familiar with. Get an RV that won’t scare you to drive it. 

Lastly, it’s important to have personal space within a camper. You undoubtedly love your kids and husband, but can you imagine being trapped in an enclosed room with them for what seems like an endless eternity? 

Buy an RV that has a little elbow-room. You won’t regret getting something a little bigger than you’re planning (as long as you can drive it). 

2. Are You Comfortable? 

Comfort is a beautiful thing. It’s often overlooked because a lot of the time we take comfort for granted. 

Imagine being at home, getting ready for a night’s sleep, and your bed wasn’t there. Or your napping chair that you always fall asleep in while watching soaps is replaced with a wooden stool.

Having a comfy place in the camper is crucial, especially on long road trips. Make sure it comes equipped with proper beds and, maybe, a couch. 

3. Stowing All Your Stuff in the Family RV

Part of owning an RV is the glory of being able to take a lot of your home with you on adventures. You can take a wardrobe, your favorite lawn game, a TV, and last year’s collection of catalogs. 

Space in your vehicle to stow things can be an immeasurable asset. This is especially true if you plan on hosting any get-togethers while at a park or on the road. 

With storage, you can also get a second set of everything you need and semi-permanently live from your camper. This comes in handy when you’re fleeing from responsibilities (or the law).

Also, make sure your new movable-home comes with standard cabinets and a refrigerator. Eating fast food on the road is an unhealthy way to live, even if it does sound alluring. 

4. Floor Plans

It seems like a silly thing to talk about when discussing RV’s. When you think of floor plans, you probably think of your home or an office. But it’s equally as true for recreational vehicles.

Each RV comes with its own type of layout that utilizes the minimal space to its fullest. Everything has a place and every nook and cranny has a purpose. 

Shop around and choose the machine with the floor plan that’ll best serve you. If you have multiple kids, it might be a good idea to get an RV with extra privacy doors and separators. If you’re a chef, get the upgraded kitchen model.

5. How Do You Like to Camp?

You should also consider how you camp. Are you a traditionalist or a tech-savvy millennial that won’t dare separate themselves from a cell phone? 

This question has a lot of weight in your journey to finding the right RV. It can actually save you a good amount of money if you consider it.

Someone that likes pitching a tent, roasting marshmallows, and the sounds of crickets might not want a 32-foot goliath. A person that’s remoting for a job and needs internet access probably wouldn’t fancy a pull-behind trailer. 

Pick the one that fits your personality (as well as your family’s). Don’t be afraid to make compromises, but don’t get anything you wouldn’t enjoy. 

6. Safety!

Safety is a strange thing that’s not considered very often when it comes to RV-hunting. Despite it is vitally important to keep your loved safe.

Don’t overlook the safety protocols of each RV. Make sure your new vehicle is equipped with proper locking and collision resistance. You might be driving a 10-ton beast, but accidents are unavoidable. 

Something you should also consider: is it nature-proof? Brown bears are ferocious. Torrential rains and mud can be disastrous. 

Think of everything when it comes to your family’s safety. 

7. Budgeting and Warranty

The hard-hitting truth is if it’s within your budget. Can you afford the luxurious mansion-on-wheels? If you can’t, don’t stretch yourself too thin. 

The last thing you want to do on the road is to take around financial stress. And if you’re in the thing that’s stressing you, it’ll be the only thing on your mind.

Set up a reasonable budget and save for it properly. If you can’t buy new, don’t. Check out preowned campers at https://www.leisurelandrvcenter.com/pre-owned

Be sure to get an RV with an appropriate warranty. A one-year warranty won’t get you very far; pay the extra if it’s costs extra, it’ll be worth it.

Hitting the Open Road

Getting that perfect family RV is a dream. It has so many possibilities attached to its four wheels. 

But choosing the right vehicle can be a nightmare. You should consider the comfort, size, and floor plans of your model. You also need to be cognizant of its size, the price, and the available warranty. 

Interested in hitting the open road or seeing the country? Check out our other articles. 

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