Moving Abroad? The Top 3 Countries to Live In

//Moving Abroad? The Top 3 Countries to Live In
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Are you ready to hit the reset button on life?

You’re definitely not alone. In fact, one in 30 people around the world lives in a different country than the one they were born in. Although everyone’s reasons are different, it usually boils down to one thing: the chance to start fresh.

What’s the best country to move to start over? What are some of the best places to live abroad with a family (or on your own)? What are some of the cheapest countries to move to (and the easiest countries to move to)?

We’ll answer those questions and more, so keep reading for our list of the best countries to live in.

1. Best Country With a Similar Culture: Australia

Do you love the idea of living abroad, but you’re not quite ready to deal with huge language or cultural barriers? One of the easiest countries to move to is Australia.

Australia ranks #5 in the world for a high quality of life. The weather is great, the beaches are glorious, and there are plenty of work and study opportunities for foreigners. If you love warm weather, good wine, and quirky but friendly neighbors, Australia could be the place for you.

Most foreigners settle along the east coast, but don’t overlook the benefits of life on the west coast. Willing Property has designed some gorgeous homes around Perth that are perfect for new ex-pats.

2. Best Country for Cultural Immersion: Vietnam

Ready to take the plunge and jump into a foreign (but incredibly friendly) culture? Get ready to call Vietnam your new home!

Forget everything you think you know about this country’s history. The truth is that it’s filled with a fascinating culture, delicious cuisine, and locals who will welcome you with open arms. You’ll be astounded by the energy in the big cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh and awed by the natural beauty of gems like Ha Long Bay and Sapa.

The language is challenging, but you’ll find plenty of locals who speak English in the cities. Get a job teaching English or swoop in on a retirement visa and enjoy a high quality of life for a very affordable price tag.

3. Best Country for Taking It Easy: Spain

It’s not easy for Americans to find their way into Europe, but Spain is one of the easiest countries to move to in the EU.

Barcelona and Madrid are filled with tech companies, startups, and universities, while English teachers are in demand across the nation. It’s also one of the cheapest countries to move to for retirees or digital nomads.

Your high school Spanish will come in handy here, although there are plenty of English speakers too. Sunshine is plentiful year-round, and whether you love the beach, the mountains, the deserts, or the forests, you’ll find everything nearby. Throw in tasty tapas, amazing wine, and a daily siesta, and you’ll find one of the most enjoyable lifestyles anywhere.

Countries to Live In: Which Will You Choose?

So, which of the countries on our list called to you? Whichever one you choose, you’re sure to have the experience of a lifetime!

Now that you know the best countries to live in, what’s next? Keep browsing our site for more great tips and advice!

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