6 Common Kitchen Layout Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

//6 Common Kitchen Layout Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • Kitchen Layout Mistakes

If you want a new kitchen, you can have it. DIY your plan or work with a kitchen design service. With your style and a little bit of renovation education, you can avoid kitchen layout mistakes and create a great space in your home.

Dangerous Positioning of Gas Stove

You do not want integral features in the kitchen to be in a position that you must lean over your gas stove to reach them. This becomes extremely inconvenient while you are cooking. It can also be very dangerous.

Lack of Outlets

Not having enough outlets can seriously hamper you in the kitchen. Outlets should be evenly spaced along a counter above a backsplash for easy use of countertop appliances such as beaters, toasters, coffeemakers, blenders, and more.

Likewise, if you have a kitchen island, make sure to add outlets to it. If they do not have outlets, you lose a lot of that space when working with food processors or egg beaters that require a plug.

Misaligned Drawers or Cabinets

You want to make sure when you are laying out cabinets that you will easily be able to open all of them. Make sure to avoid snafus by measuring for the opening arc of each door and testing to see if drawers may run into each other from perpendicular directions.

Investigate different types of cabinets for tight spaces, like narrow doors or sliding cabinet fronts.

Rejecting Under-counter Trash Storage

Under-counter trash storage has been available and mainstream for decades now, but some still choose to go without it.

Improve the look and smell of your kitchen with under-counter trash storage. Slide-out trash bins for lower cabinets are easy to install and also make it simple to take the trash out on pick up day.

Unmatched Your Appliances

For both aesthetic and practical purposes, match your appliances. They do not all need to be from the same manufacturer but try to at least get them in similar colors.

Similar finishes on your counter make for a cohesive design. This is great for your benefit when you live there, and for when you plan to sell the house as it looks more put together.

Also, make sure to calculate the right amount of space for appliances that are available to you when installing counters and cabinets.

Poor Resale Value

Before going for the trendiest countertops or the purple kitchen floor tile that speaks to your soul, stop. Is there a possibility that you will need to sell this house? Will that occur in the next five years?

Kitchens are a big make or break part of the home when people are house hunting. If the style there has become too extreme, it may be a big turn off. Go for a neutral design with a lot of storage in kitchens to be attractive to buyers.

Avoid Kitchen Layout Mistakes

Are you inspired to build or renovate a new kitchen? From laying out cabinets to kitchen lighting placement, get creative with this inspiration, and avoid kitchen layout mistakes.

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