Top 5 Best Kitchen Designs

//Top 5 Best Kitchen Designs
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Kitchens aren’t just functional spaces. For many of us, they are the heart and soul of our home. They are the places where we create culinary masterpieces, eat with gusto, and laugh together. 

Getting kitchen designs perfect isn’t always easy. But it is worth taking the time to get your dream kitchen exactly as you imagined it.

If you want to reinvent your kitchen space for modern life, here are the top five kitchen design ideas you need to know about. 

#1: Dark Is Daring

Is the trend for whites and neutrals finally starting to slow down? It seems that way. Pale colors have become a safe choice, and the boldest kitchens, such as these designs from Mal Corboy, now showcase a darker hue. 

At the top of the list of trending color schemes is navy. This classic color works perfectly with both a modern or traditional finish. Pair it with warm woods for a softer finish or bright metals for a more contemporary edge. 

Not feeling blue? Try olive green or chocolate brown to parade the most up-to-date kitchen style for 2021. 

#2: Smart Storage

At the cutting edge of kitchen design is storage innovations. As square footage becomes a premium, especially in the big cities, homeowners are looking at smarter kitchen storage to give the appearance of space in a small kitchen. 

The best storage takes awkward kitchen areas, such as corners, and designs solutions that fit intelligently into these small spaces. 

Cupboard inserts and multi-level shelving help small kitchen owners make better use of existing cupboard space.

#3: A Beautiful Splashback

If you want your kitchen to make a big statement, try a bright and bold splashback. 

Splashbacks are becoming a big trend this year. They are a great way to bring life and color to an old kitchen without spending money on a full refit.

If you want to keep your kitchen color-scheme neutral, use a bright-colored splashback to create contrast and interest. Unusual tile layouts are also a great way to add some personality to your kitchen.

Alternatively, if you are into the farmhouse or rustic look, choose a traditional patterned tile to provide some depth and style to your finished look. 

#4: Nature At Its Finest

As modern life becomes more chaotic and stressful, a connection with nature has never been so important. 

Whatever size or style of garden, try bringing some of that environment inside by connecting that natural look with outdoor kitchen designs.

Natural wood finishes will help you achieve that authentic finish, as will traditional stone flooring.

Use the colors of nature in your design to help reflect the great outdoors. Mossy greens and earthy browns will complement a well-kept garden. Whites and sky blues will look stunning for those lucky enough to enjoy a sea view.  

#5: Go Industrial

The industrial trend looks like it is here to stay. This design is appealing to those seeking a modern, minimalist finish to a kitchen. 

Opt for vintage, industrial lighting designs to help complete this look. And introduce metal finishes such as copper or brass to your kitchen cupboard handles to provide an updated industrial statement. 

Dark monochrome blacks and greys will help you achieve a more dramatic finish for this modern kitchen design.

High-Quality Kitchen Designs Are Timeless

A dream kitchen is all about the detail. A modern design will still look great in twenty years if you take the time now to achieve that perfect look. If you can, hire a professional kitchen designer to guide you. 

What are your favorite trends at the moment when it comes to kitchen designs? Let us know in the comments below. 

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