10 11, 2019

5 Tips to Prepare for Your First Plastic Surgery

By | 2019-11-15T21:48:09+02:00 November 10th, 2019|Health|

So you have some pre-surgery jitters. Everyone tends to worry right before any sort of surgeries, both minor and major. For cosmetic procedures, there are some important details that go into planning for your surgery. We'll take you through the main three stages of pre-op, the day of the surgery, and post-op. Read on to learn

29 10, 2019

A Guide to Dealing With the Death of a Loved One

By | 2019-11-15T21:53:00+02:00 October 29th, 2019|Health|

You believe in the five stages of grief, you understand that when someone dies they're in a better place and out of pain, and you've always been comforted by the fact that the memories you shared with someone who passed away are forever.  However, when you lose someone close to you, it can feel like everything

22 10, 2019

10 Female CrossFit Athletes That Will Inspire You

By | 2019-10-25T20:21:21+02:00 October 22nd, 2019|Health, Lifestyle|

Even if you're a fitness junkie, trying CrossFit for the first time is intimidating. Most CrossFit gyms are full of large, fit males who are grunting, throwing around tires, jumping on boxes, and beating ropes onto the floor. Lately, however, more women have been enjoying the sport — and dominating it. Female CrossFit athletes are

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