Is My Hair Unhealthy? Here’s How to Tell If Your Hair Is Healthy

//Is My Hair Unhealthy? Here’s How to Tell If Your Hair Is Healthy
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The alarm goes off on your phone; its time to start the day. You rub your eyes and sit on the side of your bed for a brief moment.

You walk into the bathroom to freshen yourself up and take your morning shower. The hot water feels great on your skin and it runs down your hair as you wash it.

You step out of the shower and see that the mirror is fogged up, so you dry your hair and get dressed. Once the process is done, you step back in to take a look at yourself.

Damn, you look great! And your hair looks vibrant. There’s nothing better than seeing your glorious locks shimmer in the morning light.

Unfortunately, not everyone has such a nice morning, and not everyone has such healthy hair. But some signs indicate how to know if your hair is healthy. 

How to Know If Your Hair is Healthy

Hair is an important component of self-image. Hair days have been linked to self-esteem and confidence levels. So to avoid that, here are some things to look out for that will indicate if your hair is healthy or not. 

Split Ends

If you see that hair shafts have more than one end, then you have split ends. Split ends are a nightmare, and they are a big indicator of whether your hair is healthy. 

There are different kinds of split ends and they indicate the severity of your unhealthiness:

The Basic Split

The most common, where the hair separates into two ends. This one is also the least severe and just indicates that your hair needs a bit more nourishment, and maybe a haircut.

At this stage, it isn’t too late to save your hair.

The Fork in the Road

Less common than the Basic Split, this one indicates that you may need to deep condition more often, and of course a trim. But you should be aware of it turning into the tree.

The Candle

The outer cuticle has eroded and the inside is exposed, which can lead to any of the other types of splits depending on the severity of your hair damage. You want to oil the hair and get a trim to take care of these.

The Tree

This is a hair strand at its most severe. It has multiple breaks on either side. You want to get your hair cut immediately and add conditioners that have protection into your hair care routine.


Shedding hair is a common thing, people shed anywhere from 50 to 100 hairs a day, which is less than one percent of the over 100,000 hairs we have on our heads. 

However, if you are experiencing more loss than this consistently that is an indicator that your hair is unhealthy and you need to find the root cause of the issue. 

It can be anything from over-styling your hair, constantly coloring your hair, adding too many chemicals to your hair, or even the changing of seasons.

The last one you can’t do much about, but the others are serious things you should stop doing for a while, at least until your hair is healthy again.


Dandruff is a common, and often an important indicator of whether or not your hair is healthy. Now, dandruff and dry scalp are two different things. They have the same symptoms but stem from different causes so it is important to know which one you have.

Dry scalp is caused by things like cold, dry air, and reaction to hairsprays and hair products which can irritate your scalp and cause it. 

Dandruff is caused by too much oil buildup on your scalp which makes your body produce more skin cells on your scalp, which shed when they die. 

You can avoid both of these by finding products that agree with your body, like products from companies like Uplift Provisions Company. They can help mitigate the accumulation of dandruff and keep your scalp moisturized. 

Dull-looking Locks

Looking in the mirror and seeing your vivid-colored hair glisten in the morning sunlight shows that your hair is healthy. So when it looks dull that’s a pretty big indicator that it’s not as healthy as it needs to be.

Healthy hair should always feel smooth and be able to reflect that morning sunlight.

However, if your hair does not reflect the light the way it’s supposed to, if the golden hour is not making your hair look as good as your face in that time, you must recognize that your hair needs help.

Over-damaged hair may not even achieve much shine even after a deep-conditioning treatment.

Weak Locks 

Aside from lack-luster locks, your hair may not have any strength to it either. Healthy hair has strong elasticity. If you tug on it lightly, it should be able to handle it. However, unhealthy hair suffers easy breakage under this same test. 

Its causes are similar to that of shedding but also includes heat damage and even overwashing.

The heat and overwashing can dry out your scalp and cause weakness in the strands, especially if you do not replace or at least cultivate the oils that were lost through these processes. 

You always want to add some kind of conditioner or oil to make sure everything, from scalp to tips, stays moisturized. Oils like tea tree and cocoa not only moisturize, but even help your hair to grow.

Keep Your Hair Looking Pristine

Your hair is important to you because you keep it. But if you don’t take care of it and keep it healthy, then it will not be worth keeping.

How to know if your hair is healthy? Avoid these things, and your hair will be glistening in that morning light. You will be able to have a great day because you have great confidence in how you look.

Take care of your hair. The way you look is important.

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