Does Marriage Counselling Work? Expert Insight

//Does Marriage Counselling Work? Expert Insight
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Eighty-eight percent of Americans believe love is the number one reason to get married. 

Marriage is a beautiful thing. Two people come together as one, and they get to navigate life together. But what if they reach a point where they want to go in different directions?

While it’s a beautiful thing, marriage is also a tricky thing. There will be fights, disappointments, and moments of questioning whether or not you made the right choice. Because of this, marriage counselling therapy is popular. 

Does marriage counselling work? Keep reading to discover expert insight on the topic. 

It Depends on the Couple

One of the most important things to understand about marriage counselling is this: It works, but it doesn’t work for every couple. 

Before starting marriage counselling, take time to decide if it could work for you and your partner. Ask yourself if you and your partner are willing to improve and change through counselling, and decide whether or not you both truly want the marriage to work.

Experts have noted marriage counselling works best for younger couples and for couples who are committed to improvement. Unfortunately, some couples will still go through with a divorce. 

How Would Someone Increase the Chances of Success?

Many of us have had moments with therapists in which they give us an exercise to try and we immediately think, “That sounds ridiculous.”

While it may sound ridiculous, trying the exercises the marriage counselor gives you will help increase the overall success of the counselling. Professionals always urge couples to remain open-minded and honest.

If certain advice you’ve received doesn’t work, be honest with your counselor in the next session. Be open to finding new solutions.

In What Other Cases Does Marriage Counselling Work? 

Marriage counselling therapy can be beneficial for a handful of different situations for many couples. 

Experts say when one or both partners struggle with mental illness, like anxiety and depression, marriage counselling is helpful. It’s important to note that individual therapy for the struggling individual is also extremely beneficial.

A couple might also want to try marriage counselling if they’re experiencing financial stress or if one or both partners struggle with addiction. It can be tricky if you’re struggling with finances because counselling does cost money.

If you’re asking yourself, “How much does marriage counselling cost?”, do some digging into therapists’ rates around you. See if they accept insurance or have a sliding scale to help those with a lower income. If you’re part of a local church, they may offer some counselling for free.

Looking at the Experts: Marriage Counselling Therapy

Does marriage counselling work? It’s a tricky question, but you can find some expert insight above. 

The most important thing in marriage counselling is to remain vulnerable and willing to work towards a goal. Both partners have to put in the time and effort, and one partner can’t be expected to save the entire thing. It could also be beneficial for each partner to look into individual therapy as well. 

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