Hello, huns! I hope that not everyone is grumpy and moody like me these days, because of the changing weather. Sunny and lovely days are just over. Now we have to appreciate and welcoming the new season, which is bringing a lot of rain and strong winds; but anyway, a fashionista like us shouldn’t be distracted by the weather, am I right? Of course, I am because we can find answers and some little tricks to every single problem. And speaking about problems, today’s issue will be mascara and how to remove waterproof mascara. Interested yet?

Everyone knows how it looks like when mascara is licking over the face and your eyes are starting to become black or whatever colour your mascara has. I know it was a trend, actually I don’t even know how to name that dirty look makeup, but girls, really, it’s not an option! You can do smokey eyes or a fine line with the eyeliner to create that dirty look, just don’t let the rain ruin your tidy and clean makeup, that if you don’t want to be seen like you didn’t wash your face in the morning. Thank God for the talented and smart people who invented waterproof cosmetics!

From foundation cream to mascara we have plenty of choices of waterproof cosmetics, but today we are going to focus just on waterproof mascara and, of course, we are going to teach you how to remove the waterproof mascara (you always have to clean your face before going to bed!). Shall we get started?

14 Best Waterproof Mascara

how to remove waterproof mascara

Well, maybe you’ve asked yourself why do we need to come up with a list of the best waterproof mascaras, when you can see in the commercials that every single mascara is actually doing exactly the same thing as the one presented before. For example, I am really sensitive when comes to cosmetics and hygiene, I can only use one type of shower gel, and the funny thing is that my body is not that fussy like I expected; anyway the same thing can be happening when using mascara. I heard a lot of girls complaining about mascaras and how some of the products which are waterproof, still licks on the corner of the eye, and who wants racoon eyes? Nobody, I hope!

So, this is way we offer you the chance to choose between the best waterproof mascaras, rather than trying something that it can be dangerous for your eyes or the most important thing when comes to waterproof mascaras – doesn’t stay on when it’s humid weather. Let’s see which one is suitable for you!


#1 Mega Plush Mascara, Maybelline New York Volume

This product is fab for the girls who don’t like to wear a lot of mascara. Leaves lashes soft and another great thing which is appropriate for daytime, it doesn’t look like your wearing a whole bottle of mascara on your lashes. Perfect for a natural makeup and also affordable.

#2 DiorShow Black Out Waterproof Mascara

I bought this one a few months ago and even if it’s more expensive than the other ones, I promise that it’s worth buying it! I love the brush which separates the lashes and makes them look longer. It really gives the fake lashes look. 

#3 Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Waterproof Full Impact

Probably Lancôme mascara will always be the number one on my personal list. Was the first mascara that I bought (it wasn’t the waterproof one), and was love at the first sight. I do like almost every product of this brand. Worth trying it!

#4 Yves Saint Laurent Luxurious Waterproof

I never tried this one, but I heard just good things about it. In magazines, on the internet among my friends, this product is making lots of waves. Maybe is time to try something new?

#5 Benefit BadGal Waterproof

Two words: smudge-proof and volume!

#6 Bourjois Volume Glamour Push Up Waterproof

Separates and defines lashes, girls who are in for a dramatic look, this is the product that you are looking for.

#7 Maybelline New York, The Colossal Go Extreme Waterproof

Another Maybelline product which is frequently used and has great rates for being capable of great lengths, curling and volume, besides, reasonable priced.

#8 Urban Decay Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara

If you have straight lashes and you don’t want to use the curl-lasher every single day, then Urban Decay is your solution. And it’s staying power is, really, wow, you should give it a try if you want to have the perfect curls.

#9 Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara

A mascara which won’t flake neither slip off when you are in for an important meeting. An elegant way to put it, it’s always good to have a Clinique product in your purse, you never know.

#10 Sensai 38C

I didn’t hear about this brand until I read something about a celebrity who is using this product. Seems that it’s a really good choice when comes to waterproof power.

#11 Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara Catch & Curl

Wanna look good no matter where you’re  going? to the gym or for a swim (indoor probably)? You should try this mascara, has a good rating and stays on even on a heavy rain.

#12 Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara

The well-known brand Max Factor discovered the perfect formula for a false lashes effect look. The difference between this product and the other ones is quite small. The brush is fluffy and it’s enough to cover your eyelashes just once and it will stay on all day, without any effort.

#13 Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara

I don’t know what to say about the product itself, but they surely found the perfect name for it. Reading all the comments about this product, seems that most of the girls loves it: stays on all day long, curls, waterproof, small and easy to throw it in your handbag when you go to work and don’t have time for a proper makeup at home. It’s brilliant isn’t it?

#14 Bare Minerals Locked and Coated Waterproof Lash TopCoat

This is an innovative product which allows you to use your favourite mascara, a little smart thing if you ask me. With this top coat you can actually use any kind of mascara; just apply your favourite mascara on lashes, let them dry and then apply this top coat to make them waterproof. I love this one!


How To Remove Waterproof Mascara

Let’s wipe them off!

Because at the end of the day we do need to wipe our cute, long and curly lashes, we are going to have a little chat about how to remove waterproof mascara.

> Olive Oil

When I don’t have a special product that can remove the waterproof mascara, I am just using olive oil, which it’s also really good for your lashes and brows it helps them growing.

>Makeup remover

Another way to remove waterproof mascara is with makeup remover. Cotton pads plus makeup remover equal clean eyes. Pretty easy huh?

>Moisturizing cream

My third solution is moisturizing cream. This is the only thing that will always be in my drawer no matter what. I am using the cream like a makeup remover and then I just wash my face with clean water.

In conclusion, today’s lesson was about waterproof mascara and how to remove waterproof mascara. We gave you plenty of choices (like we usually do) to have a clean and tidy makeup without looking like a panda bear; I know they are extremely cute, but even so, you don’t want to look like them!

                                 Hope you found our article useful and inspirational.

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