YAAAAS! How to Dress and Feel Like a Queen of Your Own Life

//YAAAAS! How to Dress and Feel Like a Queen of Your Own Life
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Hold your head up high and walk with confidence because you’re a whole queen. We know that it’s easy to forget that with the stressors of daily life bringing you down. That’s why it’s so important for you to put on the act.

If you treat yourself like a queen, act like one, and dress like one, you may be able to fully convince yourself that you deserve to be treated like royalty. To help you feel like a queen, here are a few things that you can do to change your mindset, change your look, and gain your royalty status.

1. Put on the Act

The first step of becoming a queen is to act like one. This important step involves taking time for yourself, learning to love yourself even if you don’t, and putting yourself in a routine that you actually enjoy.

Give Yourself Some Alone Time

When was the last time that you shut your bedroom door, let your significant other deal with the kids, or just turned off your phone and ignored the piles of work emails flooding in? The answer is probably not in a while right?

You’d be surprised at how a tad bit of quiet time can put you in a positive mindset. So close your bedroom door, turn off your phone, and take a little time each day to do something that you enjoy.

Be Kind to Yourself

Everyone beats themselves up trying to be absolutely perfect but the sad truth is, nobody is. That includes you. In fact, striving for perfection is toxic and does nothing for your self-esteem.

Stop beating yourself up when something goes wrong and just accept it. You’ll be more of a queen if you can handle any situation that comes your way rather than blaming yourself.

Create an Entire Daily Ritual

If you do the same daily routine every day then eventually you’re going to get burned out. This will happen a lot faster if you absolutely hate your routine. Sit down and think of things that you enjoy and slip them in.

This can be drinking your favorite coffee in the mornings, playing a video game at night when you get off work, or just taking a morning run. Whatever it is, make sure it makes you feel awesome.

Another routine that you should be making adjustments to is your beauty routine. Switch up your products to ones of high-quality that make your skin and hair feel and look as gorgeous as the rest of you.

Write Down Things You Love About Yourself

While doing this may make you feel like a teenager again, there is a certain power that comes with seeing words written down on paper. Keep a small notebook where you write down something that you like about yourself each day.

When you’re feeling crummy or just had a bad day, you can look back at it and feel uplifted.

2. Dress for the Part

If you’ve started changing your outlook on yourself and still feel awful, try switching up your style. A new wardrobe can make you feel powerful and yes, queen-like.

A Great Pair of Jeans

Most people have a few pairs of jeans sitting in their closet but ask yourself this, do they scream you? You’ll be amazed at how great a pair of jeans can make you feel if they fit your body type and personality.

Think about your goals with your jeans. If you want to show off your curves go with high-waisted. If you want to show off your legs, you’ll want to pick up a pair of stretch jeans.


Next time there is a little chill in the air go for a stylish jacket rather than a hoodie or light coat. There are so many decoration options that it won’t be hard to find one that reflects your unique style.

If you’re someone who loves t-shirts a jacket is a perfect way to jazz them up. Black and dark blue jackets will most likely go with about any shirt in your closet.


Too many accessories will make you look a little tacky but a pair of light, drop earrings can’t hurt. The right jewelry will be a highlight to your unique style and can actually make you look leagues younger.

Cute Shoes

Nothing will make your legs look more amazing than the right pair of shoes. Ankle boots have become huge recently. They tend to bring attention to your ankle curve and make your legs seem longer. While you may associate boots with the fall and winter, you can actually make them work all year round.

Pumps also make your legs look longer and give you sort of a professional business woman look. A pair of neutral colored pumps go great with whatever you’re wearing, from a fitting pair of jeans to an elegant evening dress.

Dress and Feel like a Queen That You Are

You are an absolute queen. Even if you may not feel like it there are several tricks that you can try out to put on the act.

So, grab a notebook and write a few positive things about yourself, change up your daily ritual, or go out and buy yourself a gorgeous pair of pumps that will make you feel like a queen. You’ve earned it girl!

There is nothing like waking up early after a refreshing night’s sleep to put you in the queen’s mindset for the entire day. Keep reading to find out how you can fix up your nightly routine.

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