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What if you could spend a day creating absolutely unforgettable jewelry containers?

It’s easy to gather a lot of jewelry over the years and have no place to put it. With our DIY jewelry storage ideas, though, you’ll have plenty of options!

Keep reading to get seriously inspired!

Cork Board

When researching DIY jewelry storage solutions, much of it comes down to how you want to display the jewelry. If you really want to show it off, a cork board is the way to go!

You can re-purpose old cork boards and easily hang things like necklaces on there. This keeps your collection clean and organized while also showing it off for company, especially if you have unique items like cameo necklaces!

Cigar Box

Whether or not you smoke, old cigar boxes make for great DIY storage solutions. And it’s so convenient that you’ll think they were practically designed for this!

A cigar box already has small interior compartments for the cigars. It’s quite easy to add additional compartments to store your jewelry and to paint the exterior or interior to something more desirable.

All in all, this is an easy and fun conversion!

Soda Stand

If you’re like us, you drink too much soda throughout the week. How about you find a use for those old bottles?

Take two twenty-ounce bottles and two two-liter bottles (we recommend colored bottles, like Mountain Dew) and cut the bottom two inches off of four of them. Then, gather a twelve-inch threaded rod along with some nuts and bolts.

Now, it’s pretty simple: drill a hole the size of your threaded rod through the center of each bottle bottom. Put the first two-liter bottom with its bottom “up,” then the next two-liter bottom with its bottom “down.”

The two twenty-ounce bottoms go on top, bottoms “down,” and you use nuts and bolts to secure each one. Now you have a cute and colorful ring container!

You’ve Been Framed

Another fun and simple DIY idea involves two main components: a picture frame and some chicken wire. After that, it’s all over but the displaying!

Find a beautiful picture frame and then cut chicken wire to create a kind of grid pattern. Glue the grid inside the frame and you now have an easy way to display everything from rings to necklaces!

Antique Books

If you want a classy and stylish jewelry storage solution, then antique books are your best best. At a minimum, you will need an antique book, some wood, some glue, and lots of patience!

Next, you need to carve a rectangle inside the book. This may sound easy, but keep in mind that you’ll want to do this without ripping the outer parts of the pages out.

Once you’ve done this, carve wooden pieces to the right shapes and line the insides of where you’ve carved. You now have a classy jewelry storage solution!

The Bottom Line of DIY Jewelry Storage Ideas

If you’re reading this, you like the creativity and style of DIY jewelry storage ideas. And you’re probably always looking for the next big challenge!

At Estilo Tendances, we specialize in helping women discover how to be their best selves. Sometimes, that means DIY tips; other times, it means discovering a new hobby!

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