Different Types of Kitchen Sinks That Will up Your Efficiency

//Different Types of Kitchen Sinks That Will up Your Efficiency
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Only a few people ever realize the value and how much work gets done in the kitchen sink. Whether it is for washing dishes or cleaning ingredients, you need to have the right kitchen sink. Picking the right one would have you matching it with the faucet and the design of the area as a whole. 

Finding the best mix of aesthetics and functionality is something to consider when looking through different types of kitchen sinks. Today, we will look at the various types of kitchen sinks that you can choose from. We will note how they function and what they offer for your home to help you find the best kitchen sinks available.


As we look at the different types of kitchen sinks, we start with the single-basin. Implied by its name, it uses one bowl with a drain. 

This design lends to simpler plumbing hookups. It would usually come with a garbage disposal system.

You have a wide range of shapes and materials with a single-basin configuration. In choosing the right sink, you need to see what you need it for. At most, you see single-basin sinks as an ideal setup for washing and draining.

Single-basin sinks with deep bowls work well for washing dishes. It has ample space to stack up the used utensils for easier cleaning. It also prevents them from spilling over. 

For shallow variants, they work best for washing vegetables. It works great in preparing ingredients for cooking. 


The double-basin sink uses two bowls, each with its own drain. The usual case for these variants is that one basin uses the standard drain configuration. The other basin would end up with a disposal system.

The advantage of this setup is that you can relegate one basin for food preparation. Meanwhile, you can leave the other dedicated for dishwashing and cleaning. An interesting advantage to this setup is how you can multitask better in the kitchen.

Do you prefer washing dishes by hand instead of the dishwasher? The double-basin sink is the ideal choice for you.

It allows for a more organized setup due to how you can relegate which basin holds which phase. You can soak the dishes in one basin while the other basin ends up as the rinsing station.

With double-basin sinks, the ratio tends to change. Said ratio affects how suitable they are to what you need them for. 

Most of the double-basin variants have a 50/50 ratio. Although there are 60/40 and 40/60 splits, allowing for a larger bowl on one for soaking or piling dishes. 

You also see other variations of double-basin sinks in the upcoming variants. The same goes for single-basin sinks. Due to how the basins are part of the sink’s configuration, you see them appear as key features in the other variants.

Double-Basin with Low Divider

This is a variant of the regular double-basin. With this variant, it also features the use of a low divider. What makes this different is that the usual double-basin has a divider that rises to the top level of the sink.

For this variant, you have a divider that reaches halfway instead of going all the way to the top. The good thing about this variant is how you can easily use either basin or both at the same time. This is a feature that lends itself well for dishwashing.

It offers the same features as a regular double-basin would. The added part here is that you can use it as a single basin. You can do this by filling both basins with water, adding a degree of versatility to its design. 

The only disadvantage you get, however, is in how these types of sinks are not easily available in the market. There are only a few manufacturers that create these sinks.


Also known as the top-mount or the self-rimming. These types of kitchen sinks tend to “drop-in” during the installation. In this case, you lower the sink into the cutout section of the countertop.

Among the other sinks, this one has the easiest approach for installation and setup. It is also one of the easiest to remove.

There are some pointers to remember when installing this particular sink. Make sure the bowl fits the cutout and the lip rests on the countertop. You might also need a good sealant to keep the sink in place.

The ease of installation is one of the main advantages of the drop-in sink. Its downside falls on the area between the lip of the sink and the counter. 

This area ends up falling prone to scum accumulation. This is due to how the sink prevents you to seep debris and water from the counter straight into the sink.


This other sink variant takes up a different approach with the installation. While the drop-in sink slides in from above, the undermount attaches to the underside of the countertop. This results in a more seamless transition from the counter to the sink.

This variant makes it look more elegant to use. On top of that, it is also easier to clean as you can wipe crumbs and spills towards the sink. 

This works great with countertops that use granite or marble. Thus, it provides a clean and modern look to the kitchen.

Its major drawback is in the costs. It is possible to install it in a DIY setup. The problem is that it can be rather complex that it requires an experienced person to install this. 

You need precision with the edges of the countertop. Thus, ensuring that they align perfectly with the sink.

Undermount sinks also use clips and adhesives. It would need the right technique to install these properly. One wrong placement could result in leaks occurring to the cabinet below the counter.

When installing an undermount kitchen sink, you need a professional to do this. Best to have their skills to ensure you have a modern sink up and ready for your home.


Also known as the apron style sink. This one has a prominent rounded edge that goes over the edge of the countertop. In terms of installation, it follows the same setup as the drop-in sink.

This one lends to a more rustic appearance and feel. The reason behind the name is due to how it adds to the rustic kitchen style, making it a common piece for such homes. Farmhouse kitchens also come to life with this specific kitchen sink variant.

These variants tend to have a larger size that it allows for you to fit the bigger pans. Whether you have a large casserole pan or a big baking pan, you can fit it on this sink. 

The good part about this is that the counter edge and the sink now have a smaller distance. This makes it easier to work with without straining you.

Your only downside for this is with how the water would end up dripping straight to the floor if the front side drops. Be sure to pay attention to how you install the sink. 

Island Sink 

This particular sink has an interesting setup. It gained its name from its isolated setup. Other names for this are the bar sink or the prep sink.

These variants tend to be smaller than regular-sized ones. You see them on kitchen islands as a dedicated sink for food preparation. At most, you see them as single-basin sinks with a somewhat shallow bowl, perfect for prepping ingredients.

The main purpose of these sinks is for washing ingredients. When you need to prepare vegetables or certain fruits, you can use this sink to wash and clean them before serving them.

Its only downside is in the fact that they are more of a supplementary sink. You may have them installed but may end up neglecting to use them. Otherwise, they can prove useful in upping your home’s resale value.

Workstation Sink

This particular sink leans towards a larger size compared to regular sinks. It provides utility, being a kitchen sink with a drainboard. It also has other items that increase its utility like cutting boards and rinsing bowls.

This is the type of kitchen sink that promotes space efficiency and is the best choice for a hygienic cooking area. The workstation sink is something that would be worth getting as a kitchen sink.

The downside, however, is that it costs more than the standard kitchen sink. It can be quite expensive. Despite this, it would be a worthwhile investment to push for, making it the best type of kitchen sink if not for its hefty price tag.

Choose One From the Different Types of Kitchen Sinks

Looking for the right one among the different types of kitchen sinks may prove to be a challenge. As long as you took note of your budget and the purpose of the sink, you can narrow your search to a couple of types that suit your needs and would be a nice fit for your home.

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