Leaking Window? How to Fix It Yourself

//Leaking Window? How to Fix It Yourself
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Household issues are a nightmare – especially when they can go on to cause further damage if not fixed right away.

If your window starts to leak, this has the potential to get worse and worse. So it’s best to know how you can fix it yourself.

Here are our tips on how to tackle a leaking window.

Window Caulking

The caulking runs around the window as a form of sealant. This can wear down over time and needs to be re-applied. Especially if the window lets in moisture more than it should.

Remove the loose or peeling caulking before you re-apply. DON’T seal over existing caulking.

Clean the area the caulking was applied so you have a debris-free surface and allow this to dry. If it is wet, new caulking will not stick adequately and it is likely to come loose again.

Caulking is best used from a freshly-cut tube, with a caulking gun. You need to apply it at an angle of 45 degrees. It should be applied continuously along the edge of the window, between the glass and the frame.

After this, run your fingers along it to make sure there is no bubbling. Repeat on all sides of the window, and allow to dry thouroughly.

Damaged Frames

Trying to repair a window frame can be a little more complex, and often a two-person job.

Spray water onto the frame to see where the leak is coming from and how it is running down the frame. 

With a pry bar, take away the trim from the source of the leak. If any of the wood has started to rot, take it away with a putty knife.

Fill this area with epoxy wood filler product and replace the trim, nailing it carefully back into place on the window frame. Caulk around the frame for added security.

Leaky Glazing

Again, you’ll need your putty knife for leaky glazing.

Use it to pull away existing window glazing – but be mindful not to remove the important triangle points.

With 120-grit sandpaper, sand the frame and get rid of any dirt. Use a glazing compound to create a rope design and place this along the perimeter of the window frame. Push it so it slots into place.

Use your putty knife at a 45-degree angle to create a flat surface, going from one corner of the window to each of the others. Do this again, with the other three sides of the frame.

Following this, it will need an oil-based wood primer. This should be applied once the putty is adequately dry. It can then be repainted after the primer has dried.

Time for a Change?

Remember, this might be a sign that your windows are old and need replacing.

Look here for reasons this summer is the ideal opportunity to do that.

Top Tips for a Leaking Windo

These tips are effective and efficient methods of tackling a leaking window yourself.

While they may do the trick, it might be a temporary fix until you can source an expert to come and get it professionally resolved. Or replaced entirely.

Either way, this will sort the problem out to some degree, stopping further damage to your home.

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