Luxury Gifts for Him: 10 Gift Ideas for The Special Man in Your Life

//Luxury Gifts for Him: 10 Gift Ideas for The Special Man in Your Life
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Gift giving is an art that any woman can learn to master. While it may be simple to pick out a gift for a friend or co-worker, a present for a significant other is all about knowing the man in your life and knowing what you want your gift to express.

Beyond simple tokens of affection, choosing luxury gifts for him should be a symbol of your attention to detail and knowledge of what really makes him tick. A meaningful, high-quality gift can be the perfect solution for the man who has everything.

Ready to delight the man in your life? Read on for our top suggestions on the best luxury gifts you can give to make a big impact.

1. The Perfect Watch

Men’s watches are a fashion statement as timeless and unique as the person who wears them. A utility that calls back to simpler times, a well-styled timepiece can elevate a look in an instant.

Choosing a watch as a gift takes careful consideration of his aesthetic preferences. In the age of smartphones, a watch is a choice rather than necessity. Gifting a watch should be about the man who wears it, whether as a multi-function smart accessory for a working man or an elegant design for special occasions.

2. A Signature Scent

A luxury cologne is a challenging gift to pick out but is rewarding for both of you when you get it right. The key to choosing a winning signature scent is to spend time following his nose.

A love of the great outdoors might mean he’d prefer a woodsy, masculine fragrance. A man who is clean-cut and sporty might prefer a fresh-noted cologne such as citrus or aquatic fragrances. Use clues about his personal preferences and personality, even smelling his other grooming products to get an idea of the scent notes he likes.

Lastly, consider his own personal smell. Fragrances smell much different on the individual than straight out of the bottle. Someone who has a naturally musky body chemistry might find amber or musk scents complimentary, for example.

3. A Luxurious Robe

Who wouldn’t want to spend time with their man, clad only in his silken housecoat? Make him feel like he’s at a spa every day with a comfortable robe to wear around the house. Splurge on a high-quality, plush material that is perfect for an evening nip or a post-shower lounge.

4. A Leather Jacket

Nothing says effortlessly cool like the classic leather jacket. A must-have for every man’s wardrobe, this item is one thing many men covet but can’t bring themselves to buy.

Choose a jacket style and color that compliments his choice of dress. Every time he wears it out with you, he’ll know you made him feel like a million bucks.

5. An Espresso Machine

If he’s a coffee lover, you can bring an elevated sense of style and class to his morning routine and save him a stop at the cafe every day.

Coffee snobs know just how they like their cappuccino. A quality espresso maker can take his lazy Saturdays and coffee dates to a whole new level of delicious without him ever having to take off his fancy robe.

6. Virtual Reality

Everyone wants to try it, but no one wants to splurge on one for themselves. Why not hook up your tech-loving guy with the ultimate gaming or video experience?

VR headsets are exploding onto the market like never before, with huge tech advancements making personal virtual reality tech the hot new trend. His smartphone can open a whole new world of adventure.

7. Fine Whiskey

Does he love scotch on the rocks when entertaining friends or after a long day at work? Surprise him with a fine bottle of spirits. Whiskey lovers will cherish a bottle of a sought-after import.

Alternatively, you could take him on a whiskey tasting at a local distillery and conclude the visit with a bottle of what he liked best. A perfect date night and amazing gift in one means you’ll knock it out of the park. If he’s a wine guy, this could easily be done at a winery as well.

8. A New Camera

If your guy is a blossoming shutterbug, encourage his creativity with a brand new camera. Giving him the opportunity to express his artistic side is always a bonus, plus you can display some of his best pieces in his place and yours.

New digital cameras are packed with amazing features such as HD video, wifi accessibility, and more.

9. Bluetooth Headphones

Music lovers can’t get enough of high-quality sound, and Bluetooth headphones offer the ultimate cord-free versatility. If the man in your life is into podcasts, seminars, or even the latest jazz release, he’ll love the ability to enjoy these simple pleasures wherever he goes.

10. HomePod

Is he a diehard iPhone lover? For the Apple loyalist, their new HomePod smart speaker is best in class. A techie guy will love the features such as built-in Siri, intuitive spatial awareness, and smart home controls.

If he’s an Android kind of guy, never fear. Endless options exist on the market such as the Google Home, the Amazon Echo, the Sonos One, and more. A few models even have a screen, like the Lenovo Smart Display.

Luxury Gifts For Him Should Come From the Heart

If you’ve agonized over picking the perfect gift for the man in your life, take some advice from our list. Just know that selecting something extra special like one of these luxury gifts for him, will be an appreciated gesture no matter what.

An expert gifter isn’t about the newest gadgets or most expensive items. It’s about picking something you know he will love, that shows you care about his interests and desires.

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