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Did you know that women, on average, fork over $3,700 on breast augmentation procedures?

Don’t have that kind of cash? Or don’t want to go under the knife? No worries. There’s plenty of amazing, inexpensive, and risk-free ways to keep your breasts perky and healthy.

Try some of our favorite tips for creating a fuller and bustier look, no matter what your size or age.

Let’s get into it!

Tips for Perky Breasts

Get Sweaty

Not only does exercise provide tremendous benefits for both your physical and mental health, it can also provide the illusion of fuller, perkier breasts. Talk about a win-win.

Working your muscles, which lie directly below your breast tissue, can create a natural lift. Additionally, focusing on upper back can help you improve your posture, which will also enhance perkiness.

Try the following circuit:

  • Lying dumbbell chest fly
  • Push-up (on your knees is ok!)
  • Chest press (either with barbell or dumbbells)
  • Bent-over reverse fly
  • Lateral raises

If you’re in the gym, you deserve awesome results, and these great exercises will keep you toned all over.

Wear the Right Size Bra

Did you know that up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? Not only does this feel physically uncomfortable, it can also be affecting the appearance of your cleavage.

How do you know if you’re wearing the right size? It’s best to retake your measurements every year (you can do this at home or by a sizing professional).

Looking for some more oomph? Be sure to check out the ever-expanding assortments of push-up bras on the market today.

And, once you have the right size? Take care of it! Rotate bras, wash them regularly, and be sure to hang dry.

Try a Tightening Serum

Many cosmetic companies have taken note of the desire to achieve perky breasts, and they are supplying women with what they want.

Skip the expensive cosmetic surgery, and look for products that offer safe ingredients like pueraria mirifica. Be sure to follow the instructions, as each item will specify the amount, frequency, and manner in which the product must be used.

While serums will not create perky breasts instantaneously, they can be a great tool for enhancing a youthful look.


Just like your face, the chest has collagen and elastin. UV light breaks these down over time, which can create sagginess (not to mention visible sun spots and damage).

Rule of thumb: don’t skimp out on the sunscreen. Use at least SPF 30 each day (no matter the weather outside) and reapply as needed.

Your chest needs the moisturization!

Watch Your Weight

Drastic body changes can wreak havoc on your breasts. If you experience frequent weight fluctuation, it can damage the skin tissue around your breasts and create sag.

Avoid dramatic weight fluctuation (both gains and losses). Make sure you’re eating a healthy, rounded diet, exercising regularly, and getting plenty of sleep. We promise that your girls will thank you.

Final Thoughts

Even though aging is inevitable, sagging or sorry breasts don’t have to be. There are plenty of inexpensive and natural ways to enhance the perkiness!

Which of these methods have you tried? We want to know! Comment below.

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