Even if you have been living under a rock, you have probably noticed that one of the hottest hair trends right now is a bun. Therefore, it’s imperative you know how to get a perfect bun. Everywhere I go, I see at least three or four girls and women wearing them in their hair. Considering buns are sophisticated and still very fast and easy, it’s no wonder they’re sweeping the world by storm.

There are many varieties of buns out there, but I have chosen to teach you the two easiest ways on how to get a perfect bun – even those out there that do not do well with hair tutorials will be able to complete these looks with ease. I, personally, have always had a hard time replicating hair looks, but the two buns I have chosen are so easy that I could probably do my hair with my eyes closed!

With each of these types of buns, I have been able to do variations with braids leading to the bun, as well as twists leading to the bun on each side of my head. Since my hair has long layers, these variations really help keep the hair out of my eyes when I’m working out. Buns are also super cute with headbands!

How To Get A Perfect Bun

As a woman that has served in the military, I had to learn how to put my hair into a perfect bun. So, how to get a perfect bun? The secret to creating a perfect bun every time is in your sock drawer. You’ll first want to cut the toes off of your sock and roll it up. If you have long hair, you’ll want to find a longer sock, but if you have short hair, socks that come just past your ankles should be fine.

If the thought of wearing a sock in your hair grosses you out, you can purchase a brand new sock. Or, you can find similar pre-made hair tools in the hair section at your local beauty store which are made out of different materials. And for those of you that prefer not to put any tool in your hair, I will also be showing you have to create the perfect bun without a sock. Anyway, after you cut the toes up, you will roll it up so it looks like a donut.


#1 The Perfect Sock Bun

For the perfect sock bun, you will need the following items:

  • leave-in conditioner or coconut oil

  • two to three ponytails

  • a brush

  • your rolled up sock

  • bobby pins

  • old toothbrush

how to get a perfect bun

For the perfect sock bun, you will first condition your hair with either leave-In conditioner or coconut oil, and then you will comb it through. This will especially help if you are working with dry hair though this is a style that can be achieved with either wet hair or dry hair.

After you are finished combing, you will pull your hair into a ponytail in the area you most prefer to put your bun. It can be a low bun at the nape of your neck, in the middle of your head, or at the crown of the back of your head. When I was in the military, I would go for the middle, as that is where it looked the most professional in uniform and accommodated our head-gear, but now, I usually go for the crown area instead when I wear a bun.

how to get a perfect bun

Next, you will take your donut-looking sock bun and put your ponytail through the hole and slide it the whole way up your ponytail. You will then take your hair and lay it over the sock bun, spreading it out to ensure that nothing regarding the sock is showing through.

how to get a perfect bun

Next, you will grab your ponytail and secure your bun with it. For those with longer or thicker hair, you may feel best if you use two ponytails to secure your bun.

how to get a perfect bun

Now, those with longer hair will have the ends still sticking out from under the bun. You’ll want to take those hairs, starting with the hairs at the top of the bun and twist them around and securing them down every couple inches around the bun with your bobby pins. Some ladies prefer to skip this step and use a scarf, ribbon, or scrunchie to put around the bun so they do not have to secure down the stray hairs with bobby pins instead.

how to get a perfect bun

Finally, for those of you with stray baby hairs, you’ll want to grab your toothbrush and put some coconut oil or leave-in conditioner on it and use it to brush your baby hairs into place. Some people opt to use hairspray or hair gel to do this with instead of coconut oil. Of course, you will use a toothbrush that you do not use for your mouth.

A small comb or brush would also work if you do not have an extra toothbrush on hand. I also do not use hairspray at all to put my hair into a bun, but that is my personal preference. My hair will last all day in a bun without hairspray, but you may prefer to spray hairspray on your hair after finishing, as your hair type may be different than mine. And voila! This is how to get a perfect bun in an easy way!


#2 The Perfect Twist Bun

For those of you that do not wish to put a sock in their hair, or even if you’re short on time, the twist bun is perfect for you. It’s easy, fast, sophisticated, and professional. Let’s see how to get a perfect bun, part II. For this bun, you will need the following:

  • a brush

  • one to two ponytails

  • leave-in conditioner or coconut oil

  • old toothbrush

First, you’ll want to condition your hair with leave-in conditioner and brush it through your hair. Next, you’ll want to decide where you’ll want your bun in your hair and brush it back to that position and hold your hair in your hand. From there, you’ll either twist your hair or secure it in a ponytail, depending on your own preference.

how to get a perfect bun

If you chose to secure your hair in a ponytail, you will then twist your hair and lay it around in a circle to create a bun. If you did not secure it in a ponytail first, you will simply lay the twist around in a circle to create a bun.

how to get a perfect bun

Next, you’ll secure your bun with a ponytail. As with the sock-bun, you may want to use two ponytails depending on the length and thickness of your hair. Then, you’ll dip your toothbrush in coconut oil or leave in conditioner and brush your stray hairs down. Again, you may prefer to use hairspray or hair gel to do this. And with that, you’ll know how to get a perfect bun!

how to get a perfect bun

The best part about hair buns is that you can either make them very perfect and stylish, or you can make them very messy as well because hair buns are a very forgiving hairstyle. Due to the fact that I do have long layers, my buns tend to be a little on the messy side these days, but every once in a while, I will get the bun of ultimate perfection. As I like to say, though, usually they are perfectly imperfect.

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Hair photos: Kurtis Weimann

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