Little Girl’s Fashion: 9 Reasons Why She Should Dress Herself

//Little Girl’s Fashion: 9 Reasons Why She Should Dress Herself
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Little girls love to dress up and dazzle themselves out. They find joy in picking out the perfect outfit and sporting it for the world to see.

They may not match. But you will see a twinkle in their eye that makes even the most unlikely combination look heavenly. Little girls’ fashion serves purposes far beyond simply covering up and looking good.

9 Benefits of Little Girls’ Fashion

Let her sense of style live! Keep reading for 9 reasons why she should dress herself.

1. Practicality

Remember, we do not raise children to remain as such. We teach them how to grow into healthy, functioning adults.

The majority of adults must physically dress themselves. They can start practicing this skill as soon as they cognitively know where to put the clothing.

Around the age of 3, most little ones figure out how to wiggle on their own pants, throw a shirt over their heads, and slip socks onto their adorable little tootsies. Let them.

You want them to develop these motor pathways in their brain, so someday, they can put n their own PJs at a sleepover. Wait for them to ask you for help before stepping in because, practice, makes perfect.

2. Confidence

Allow your little girl to develop a healthy sense of confidence through her toddler fashion. Every time she accomplishes a task, she will believe in her own abilities. This includes both picking out clothing and dressing in whatever she considers cute clothes for girls

Building a child’s confidence helps them feel accepted and proud of their accomplishments. This leads to success. Start developing their self-esteem now by giving them the reigns when it comes to getting dressed. 

3. Style

Outfits for kids help them develop a sense of style. This runs deeper than the clothing people see them wear.

Playing with options helps a child decide what feels right to them and what doesn’t. When they figure this out, they brand themselves with a unique style. Styling allows children to express their personality. In doing so, they will feel more comfortable with themselves.

4. Choice 

Children tend not to get much choice in any matter. Adults tell them where to live, what to eat, how to act, etc. 

Step outside of your comfort zone a little and let them choose their outfits. Parents may not want to get as drastic as letting their little one choose a hairstyle, as it will last a while. But an outfit lasts one day and helps them feel empowered by the freedom to choose.

Learning how to make healthy decisions will help their development as they grow. In fact, this helps build leadership skills early on.

5. Comfort

Would you want to wear a shirt that itched your back all day? Or, pants that felt too tight on your waste?

Neither does your little one. Some preschool clothes are designed with comfort in mind. Others, not so much.

Your child might like to wear a favorite shirt because it fits them comfortable. On the same token, they may not want to wear your favorite clothing items because they fit funny.

Keep in mind that children run, jump, and play on the regular. Anything that might feel just tolerable to us may really restrict them. 

If they feel comfortable in what they wear, then children will also display better temperament. Do both you and your little one a favor and let them decide what feels good to wear.

6. Creativity

Allowing a young child to pick out their own clothes allows them to express their creativity. Creativity boosts emotional development. It also leads to innovative thinking, which drives some of the most brilliant minds on the planet.

So what if stripes and polka dots, or green and orange don’t match? Let them be the canvas for their creativity to flow through.

7. Acceptance

Allowing kids to express themselves through their children outfits will help them feel accepted by you. This simple act shows them that you love whoever that big personality is living inside that little body. 

Show your little one that you value them by respecting their unique style. It will help her both value herself and feel more accepting of others.

8. Role-Playing

Preschool clothes serve the practical purpose of covering your little on and keeping them warm. But it also helps them explore their role in this gigantic universe. In their minds, they momentarily become who they dress like.

Role-playing does more than encourage imagination. It allows children to safely explore different aspects of themselves.

When a little girl puts on her momma’s high heels, she experiences life from that perspective. It helps the girl learn both the role her mother plays in her life and the aspects of her mother she wishes to take on. The same goes for them dressing like a teenager they know or a character from their favorite book.

They may use their selected wardrobe to help them work through fear. They can also use it to explore different feelings, personality traits, and even gender roles.

As a parent, you should know that this helps instill into them a sense of empathy. Empathetic people, who can relate to others’ feelings, tend to build happier and healthier relationships in life.

9. Problem Solving

Think of getting dressed as a riddle for your child. They need to take separate puzzle pieces and match them together to form a picture.

Even young children understand that this picture says 1,000 words. So they will carefully craft their outfit to speak in bigger words than their vocabulary holds. Doing this develops a crucial life skill.

Parents’ Fashion Tips for Girls

While some parents want to let their child’s spirit loose on the world, others still want their little one to follow protocol. You can find a happy medium.

To let your child explore their fashion sense while maintaining some control of the situation:

  • choose a few shirts and pants to let them piece together
  • set at least one day a week for them to dress themselves
  • guide the shopping experience for a special event outfits
  • ask them why they want to wear something specific and make compromises accordingly

Remember to choose your battles wisely. Make an effort to respect them in your decisions.

Let Your Little Girl Shine

We face enough struggles in life. Don’t let your little girls fashion sense be one of them.

Help her shine through the constraints of society so she will grow into the beautiful person she hopes to be. To read about more lifestyle choices, keep reading!

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