3 Tips on Caring for Aging Parents as a Busy Adult

//3 Tips on Caring for Aging Parents as a Busy Adult
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23% of American adults between the ages of 45 and 64 act as a caregiver for an aging parent. 

Even though the task is pretty common, it doesn’t make it any easier. Caring for a loved one can be a stressful full-time job. But, the task gets even tougher if you are a busy adult with your own job and family to think about. 

Keep reading to discover three tips that will help you when caring for aging parents. 

1. Create a Routine

Creating a routine can work wonders when dealing with aging loved ones. They can feel alone or deserted if you show up randomly or call them at different times each day. Instead, plan set times that you will check in on them and write out a schedule for them so they know the routine. 

Tell your relatives that you need help with aging parents and set up a rotating schedule. That way, your parent has a visitor every day, but it’s not only you doing all the work. 

2. Use Technology

Wondering how to help aging parents if you can’t visit them every day to check in on them? You need to use technology just like with every other aspect of your life. 

Set your parent up with a smart device, either a cell phone or tablet, that allows you to video chat with them. Call them when you have a few minutes throughout the day to check up on them and make sure they’re doing okay. Make sure to set up easy to navigate shortcuts so that they know how to use their devices to contact people on their own. 

If your parent struggles with technology or memory issues, you can also invest in a smart security system for their home. Set up cameras and access the live feed via your phone. This will allow you to visually see that they are okay whenever you want to and help ease your worries. 

3. Hire Professional Help

When dealing with aging parents, it’s perfectly acceptable to hire professional help. Hiring help doesn’t mean you are giving up, instead, it means that you are committed to giving your parent the best possible quality of life. 

Depending on your parent’s health, they may not be ready to go to an assisted living or retirement community yet. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t hire a nurse or caregiver to visit them in their home. Even hiring someone to help them with daily chores such as cooking and cleaning can make a huge difference. 

In addition, make sure that they are getting the specialized care that they need. Look into Alzheimer’s services, physical therapists, and any other health resources. 

Caring for Aging Parents Is Difficult, But Possible

The most important thing you need to understand after reading this article is that caring for aging parents is difficult. But, if you take it day-by-day, it is possible — and rewarding. 

Start by creating a routine for your parent that includes more people helping out than just yourself. Then, use technology to keep in touch and help them out as much as possible while living your own life. And never feel ashamed about hiring professional help, in the end, all that matters is that your parent is healthy and happy. 

Trying to focus on keeping your loved one healthy as they age? Be sure to browse the Health section of this site for all the best tips and tricks. 

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