Your Guide to Updates Happening in Beauty Salons During COVID

//Your Guide to Updates Happening in Beauty Salons During COVID
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The coronavirus transformed the world as we know it for the foreseeable future. The stay-at-home order, which went into effect in March, caused for all non-essential businesses to close down for months. Unfortunately many of them unable to reopen once the order was lifted.

The beauty industry took a huge loss during this time and since this is a high-contact business, some clients are not inclined to return due to the risk it poses. Despite the concerns, many beauty salons are opening back up but not without significant changes.

If you’re ready to return to your favorite salon, continue reading to understand what you can expect at your next visit.

Modified Options

One change to be mindful of is that salons are operating under modified business hours. They’re also changing stylists’ schedules to minimize the risk of contracting coronavirus.

With new cleaning guidelines in place, they are also offering fewer services and getting rid of appointments that require more time. This allows for cleaning to take place before and after each client.

Along with more frequent cleaning, their setups were forced to change. Salons now have fewer chairs to allow for more space to socially distance.

New Scheduling Policies

More strict scheduling guidelines are being put in place to ensure everyone’s safety. Beauty salons may require people to call weeks ahead to book their appointment or they’ve implemented online bookings.

Cancellation fees are more relaxed to protect stylists and clients. Before a client would be charged for their full beauty salon appointment if it were canceled less than 48 hours ahead of time, now that fee is waived. New policies outline that if a client is feeling ill, they should stay home and reschedule for another time.

Also, many places are not taking on new clients and reserving salon appointments for regulars only. This helps to control who comes in and out of the building and creates a “bubble” type environment. Some places even require staff and clients to go through COVID 19 testing before appointments to make sure everyone is safe.

Increased Pricing

This may shock clients but many salons have resorted to increasing their prices in order to stay afloat during these unprecedented times.

People can expect to see increases of at least ten percent and should budget for this if they can. The downside to this is that the pandemic affected everyone financially so for those who have lost their jobs, they may not be able to afford their normal beauty routine anymore.

Contactless Payments

Another way that beauty salons are streamlining their experience is by transitioning to contactless pay. A lot of places are requiring that a card is on file for each client so that they are automatically charged at the end of their appointments.

They are no longer accepting cash as a form of payment for services or tips and places are beginning to accept cashapp and other mobile payment options.

Beauty Salons COVID Style

Even though we are in a global pandemic, people still want to keep up with their hair and skincare routines. The new measures that beauty salons are putting in place help to allow people to indulge in self-care in a safe and accommodating way.

The situation is not ideal, but the fact that beauty salons are adapting quickly is very promising for their future in what is now our new normal.

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