Self-Care Tips for Mom: What to Do When You’re a Stressed Out Mommy

//Self-Care Tips for Mom: What to Do When You’re a Stressed Out Mommy
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Do you have those friends who start every day with their journal and some yoga? They make time to plan social events, pick out perfectly matching outfits, and set aside time to walk the dog each night.

They don’t have the same tribe of little people you have, right? It’s easy to make time for self-care when you don’t have to feed, care for, and drive your dependents here and there.

Which makes it easy to see why you’re feeling like a stressed out mommy and they’re not wearing clothes with spilled spaghetti on them.

You not only deserve some self-care, but it’ll also be good for you too. Not only will you feel better, but your kids will also likely notice the difference too.

Read on for a host of ideas on how you can practice some self-care and go from stressed out mommy to just mom.

Make a Plan

Start by considering those times when there seem to be lots of stress triggers.

Is getting out the door with everyone’s coats, backpacks and lunches lead to yelling and mad scrambling? Is toy pick up time a bunch of you nagging and them ignoring? Does homework time make you want to pull out your hair?

Consider what goes wrong at those times when you’re not in the heat of the moment. What would help facilitate you not losing your mind? What kinds of routines and organization can you pre-establish to avoid the in the moment stress?

Exercise Together

Sure, it might be nice to have an hour for yoga in a quiet calm studio with the dog and toddlers. Right now your life might not be able to accommodate that vision but you can exercise together.

But it’s never too early to get your kids exercising. Put on a fun exercise class on the laptop and invite them to join. Who cares if they do it right. You can do it and they get to move around.

Teach them some simple yoga moves. Take a long bike ride or walk together. The movement, stretching, and fresh air will be good for everyone’s mood.

Plan For At Home Pampering

Again, a whole day at the spa might be dreamy. It’s probably also expensive and not something you can pull off that often.

How about creating your own at home pampering plan. Order some bubble bath and take a long hot soak once you put the kids to bed.

Go to an online beauty store and order some facial masks and at-home spa treatments. You can give your feet a nice soak and do an at-home manicure and pedicure.

Consider even adding some spa-like features to your home. Find out more about having an in-home sauna or get yourself some luxury towels for your bath.

Look For Laughter

You know how delightful it is to hear your kids’ laugh. You know, when they really laugh that deep belly laugh. It’s such a delightful sound you want to be etched on your brain forever.

You know what, laughter is good medicine for stress. Find some laughter to help you manage your stressful days. Find a funny show on Netflix or read a book that makes you giggle.

Start a new tradition with your kids and tell them a daily riddle you can all laugh at. Riddles are good for their brain and so is the laughter that will come with it.

15 Minutes of Quiet

As a mom with a house full of kids, you know quiet time is hard to come by. Give yourself permission to carve out 15 minutes of alone quiet time.

Instead of racing around doing laundry while the kids’ nap, set for 15 minutes and relish the quiet. Kids don’t nap? Get up a little before they do in the morning. make yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy it alone in the quiet.

Declutter Something

Declutter? That sounds dangerously close to something that might be on your to-do list, not your de-stress list.

But wait and consider this. You know those spots in your house that make you groan. They’re messy and unorganized. Everyone has them (even the perfect Instagram homes have hidden clutter).

If you get rid of the clutter, you also get rid of the anxiety and stress you feel when you look at it day and day out.

Pick one spot this week to tackle and relish in the joy you feel when it’s all cleaned up.

Seek a Support Group

Nobody can appreciate your mommy stress better than other mommas feeling it too. Lean on them to help you relieve your stress. There’s nothing like being able to talk with a girlfriend for a few minutes to relieve your stressors.

And they will get it too. They won’t judge you for feeling stressed by your kids. Nobody can understand better than someone walking the same path.

Take your kids to the park together. Plan a playdate. The kids benefit but so do you.

Boost Your Brain

Sometimes the tasks of being a mom can mundane day after day after day. It can all feel a little, well, dull.

Find some ways to give your brain a big boost. Pick a topic that fascinates you and order a book. Take time to read an article or two online from a reputable news source.

Play some brain games on your phone. You could do some adult coloring or write in a journal.

Stretching your brain will help you forget those everyday stressors.

Fixes For the Stressed Out Mommy

Being a mom isn’t for wimps. It can be a tough job day after day. It’s pretty normal to feel like a stressed out mommy when you are caring for other humans who demand a lot from you.

Use these tips to help you alleviate some of those stressors. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how a few minutes with these activities will help you feel better and make you a better mommy too.

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