Financial Savvy Upgrades: 5 Home Improvements That Add Value

//Financial Savvy Upgrades: 5 Home Improvements That Add Value
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Did you know that US homeowners spent nearly $400 billion on home improvements in 2018 alone? This number is expected to increase in the future as more and more homeowners decide to renovate their properties. 

Renovating your house is definitely a good idea, but have you thought about doing home improvements that add value? Certain home improvement ideas can protect your investment and increase the value of your property, so you can get more money back upon resale. If this sounds attractive to you, keep reading to learn what home improvements will add value to your house.

Basement Renovation

Many homeowners are interested in living in a house with a finished and fully-furnished basement. This part of the house is usually overlooked, but you should prioritize it when you do home improvements. For example, make sure that you waterproof your basement to prevent moisture from causing mold and pest problems. 

Secondly, you can transform your basement into a mini home-theater or game room. This will add value to your property and attract more buyers when you decide to sell.

Go for a Steel Front Entrance Door

Security should be your top priority, regardless of the size of your house. A front entrance door made from steel requires little to no maintenance, retains its value over time, and it discourages most burglars. On top of that, you can use this front door as a selling point when it’s time to relocate. Many homeowners want to live in a safe home and a front entrance door made from steel can be very enticing for them.

Repair and Paint the Garage Door

The front entrance door is important, but so is the garage door. Especially if you have a large garage that accommodates two vehicles and an expensive collection of tools, taking care of the garage door is paramount for your safety and peace of mind. Many garage door companies sell doors made from composite materials and steel. 

Such a door makes breaking into your garage and stealing your car almost impossible. On top of that, make sure that you also repaint your garage door in a more attractive color. You can go for classic colors or create a unique, bi-color design that stands out from the crowd.

Renovate Your Kitchen

Similar to basement renovations, many potential buyers are also attracted to modern, freshly renovated kitchens. You don’t even need to spend a lot of money on improving your kitchen. Simple things such as adding new cabinets and countertops can impress home buyers. You should also update outdated appliances and maybe go for a new and more modern flooring option. These improvements preserve their value over time and raise your comfort level too.

Repair or Replace Your Roof

Especially if you live in a place where storms and hurricanes are frequent, replacing or repairing your roof should be a top priority. If you decide to replace, try to go for an eco-friendly type of roof. For example, metal roofing is highly popular these days. It can also reduce your energy bill because it reflects more sunlight, so you don’t have to use the AC that often.

Now You Know What Home Improvements That Add Value

This is a short list of home improvements that add value, but there are plenty of others. Make sure that you create a budget right from the start and obtain quotes from multiple contractors before beginning your renovation project.

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