Learning While Watching: The 5 Best Educational Shows for Kids

//Learning While Watching: The 5 Best Educational Shows for Kids
  • Educational Shows for Kids

In the United States, there are more than 500 shows released every single year. With so many to choose from, it can be challenging to decide which one is best for you and your family.

But the real question is, what is the best educational shows for kids?

For those looking for the best, check out these top five best educational shows for kids to help them learn while watching.

1. VeggieTales

One of the best educational shows for kids is VeggieTales. This American Christian animated classic follows the story of Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, and their fellow vegetable friends. 

This fun group of friends teaches Bible-based lessons through colorful animation and comedy. It’s a great show to watch with the whole family.

2. The Who Was? Show

One of the best shows for kids on Netflix is The Who Was? Show. This is one of the best learning TV shows for kids. The Who Was? The show is based on a popular book series you can pair with each episode.

The show follows the story of two very different famous historical figures portrayed by young child actors. The sketches are light-hearted, amusing, and entertaining. Be warned, the theme song may get stuck in your head!

3. Sesame Street

Perhaps the most famous children’s show of all time, Sesame Street has been on our screens since 1969. Follow the lives of well-known characters such as:

  • Big Bird
  • Cookie Monster
  • Bert and Earnie
  • Oscar the Grouch

This is an excellent program for young ones earning their numbers and letters. The show also teaches valuable life lessons that are sure to be important for the whole family.

4. If I Were an Animal…

Don’t miss the If I Were an Animal… show on Netflix for one of the best opportunities to learn about global conservation from a young age. This wild show allows young children to adventure into countless animals’ natural habitats.

This is an excellent way for young ones to learn early on the importance of protecting nature and all about ecosystems, animal populations, and animal wellbeing.

5. Bill Nye the Science Guy

Found on Amazon Prime, YouTube, and iTunes, Bill Nye the Science Guy is perhaps the best science show for kids of all time. Host Bill Nye uses exciting and creative ways to teach children about scientific topics such as:

Though this show aired from 1993-1998, it still holds important science lessons valid today. This is an excellent educational show choice for children in elementary school and middle school. 

Best Educational Shows for Kids

Ensure your child’s screen time is helping, not hurting her mental progress with these five best educational shows for kids. Remember to change up the program to keep the information new and exciting for your little one.

What are you waiting for? Your next educational television show awaits!

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