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People are willing to spend a whopping average of $794 for Christmas gifts.

But sometimes, even expensive gifts end up in junk drawers.

If you want more functional gifts, try out a few DIY gift ideas. These allow you to give them something that they’ll use in practical situations or for their hobbies.

For example, a handmade camera case is great if your intended receiver is into photography. You could buy someone into tabletop games a nice customized pouch for their dice.

Are you ready to give amazing gifts like these? Read on and find out more today.

1. Gold-Foil Personalized Mini-Notebook

Despite the advances of digital technology, writing in an old-school notebook feels something special. If you have an artistic loved one, you can make your own gold-foil notebooks as a gift. You can transform a generic notebook into a great journal that allows your receiver to write their thoughts.

When designing the notebook, let your imagination run free. Pick the perfect color schemes, designs, and perhaps an inspirational quote. Your loved ones will appreciate you each time they write down a thought.

2. Personalized Key Ring

Are you good on using the sewing machine? If so, you can try making customized key rings. It’s a great way of using your leftover scraps of fabric. You do this while you make a practical yet adorable gift your loved ones can use all the time.

The bright designs you can make enables it to stand out from most background surfaces. That ensures that they won’t lose their keys again.

3. Custom Profile Pillows

Pillows are great gifts since they can make an otherwise dour house look lively. If you’re good at painting, you can try making pillow covers with the silhouette profile portraits of your loved ones.

They’re perfect gifts for your grandparents or even pet owners since you can make animal silhouettes too. You can also make fun-looking ones in case you want to give gifts to a few kids like your nephews or nieces.

4. Tile Photo Coasters

You don’t need to spend much to give a sincere DIY gift to everyone. You can 3D-Print customized coasters with photo designs. Great options include family member photos or other inspirational quotes.

If you’re curious about PEEK 3D Printers, here’s a post made by Vision Miner. It’s a great piece that can convince you to buy a printer for 3D-printed gifts.

5. DIY Love Book

Do you need to give your loved one a cute and personal gift? If so, you might not have the time or the skill to do something crafty. It’s okay since you can always turn to online resources to get free illustrations and other ideas.

Choose from thousands of free cover art and character drawings online. It’s a good way to make it more personal while telling your love story. It’s a unique keepsake that lets your loved one know they mean a lot to you.

6. DIY Wineglasses

Do you have a wine lover in your life? If so, you can use DIY chalkboard wine glasses to put a smile on their face. It’s elegant and easy to make since you can dip the bases in chalk paint and wait for it to dry.

Use a chalk pen to finish it off with great designs. Your loved one will appreciate it as they toast for the prosperity of the coming years.

7. Custom Cutting Boards

Do you have an etching tool? If so, all you need is a generic store-bought cutting board and some creativity. It’s the perfect gift for a friend or family member that loves preparing delicious meals.

You can customize it by adding their surname or an inspiring quote. If you want to go for the extra mile, etch some creative designs. These are great gifts no matter what occasion it is.

8. DIY Photo Pendant

You have the means of making unique, vintage-looking keepsakes with spending more than $5. There are a lot of craft stores out there that sell components with various designs. It’s a fun way to create a one-of-a-kind present while exercising your hands’ dexterity.

You can make pendants or charm bracelets with that price. With your creativity and good shopping skills, no one will believe you made it yourself.

9. Personalized Playing Cards

Do you want to make your loved one feel more special than they already do? You can use customizable playing cards to let them know the things you love about them. Remind them to look at one card each week.

All you need are blank playing cards you can buy in some craft stores. List 52 things you love about them to fill the entire deck. If you have more than that, feel free to add more cards.

It’s a great gift for your special someone regardless of the occasion. But they work best during your anniversary, their birthday, or during Valentine’s Day. It will sure make them blush.

10. DIY Painted Mug

Most people need coffee or tea to start functioning each morning. That’s why giving them a personalized mug will let them remember you each time they start their day. Make sure to use durable paints to ensure that they don’t come off when washed.

The best one to use is oil-based paint pens instead of markers. You don’t need professional experience to make good designs. They’ll see your sincerity through the effort you put making it.

Get Great DIY Gift Ideas Today!

You can always make your loved ones feel special by giving them a custom gift for special occasions. If you aren’t sure what to do, try these handmade gift ideas. These DIY gift ideas are cheap but they’re sure to see some use as long as it fits your loved one’s lifestyle.

Do you need other gift ideas? Why not check out this guide and discover the best board games for adults. A board game makes a great gift if your loved one likes playing games.

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